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After searching far and wide for the Dog Products you want or need, we developed an affiliate marketing relationship with the reputable merchants listed alphabetically below, to bring you a vast array of dog related products for dog owners, children, home, and dog lover gifts, as well as serious Dog Training products, practical or fun Dog Wear and Dog Gear, and everything you need for the nurture, care, and housing of your pet.

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Here is a Quick Reference List of the fine Merchants represented on our Product Pages. Each offers secure transactions, has a privacy policy, and provides its own direct shipping and customer service.

This list gives an idea of the nature of some of each company's product offerings, and specifies the PawPersuasion Product Pages where you can find banners, images, or text links to its catalogs, search boxes, services, and inventory of great products -- too many to be shown individually on these pages!

So let your fingers do the walking through the PawPersuasion Pages . . .

To support our Dog Training and Dog Behavior Modification education and outreach efforts, we ask that you please link to these merchants through the links provided on PawPersuasion.com - even if you intend to buy something that is not dog related. Thank you!

Many of these companies also have limited-time Special Offers, so check our SPECIALS & HOLIDAYS page often.

If you cannot locate what you want through our Product Pages, CONTACT US.

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Amazon.com - From Dog Image Clothing, Children's Toys & Games, Dog Books and Dog DVDs, to Dog Carriers and more - Featured in Attire & Accessories, Children's Choices, Dog Kennels & Carriers, Dog Beds & Furnishings (e.g., Happy Hound dog travel bed), Dog Safety-Travel-Auto, Books & Media (search box)

Animal Den - Animal Lovers Gift Shop - Featured in People Pleasers, Find Your Dog Breed, Attire & Accessories

Barnes & Noble - Dog Books, Children's Books, Toys & Games, Dog DVDs and Videos, Music, Gifts, more - Featured in Children's Choices, Books & Media (Search Boxes for books, children's books, Spanish books, DVDs & videos)

BestPrices.com - Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Children's Books and Dog Movies, Dog Books, DVDs, Music, more - Featured in Children's Choices, Dog Training & Equipment, Books & Media

CaféPress - Clothing and Gifts for Pet Lovers, Search by Dog Breed, hundreds of products for each Dog Breed or other special interest, even a Peanuts Shop - Featured in People Pleasers, Find Your Dog Breed, Attire & Accessories, Children's Choices

Canvas On Demand - Pets Showcase; turn your original Dog Photo into stunning Canvas Art - Featured in People Pleasers

Charles Keath - Quality Accessories and Clothing for people as well as Dog Products, Dog Houses, Dog Beds - Featured in People Pleasers, Attire & Accessories, Dog Houses, Dog Beds & Furnishings

Charles Keath Home - Furniture, Bedding, Accents, Garden - Featured in Home & Garden

CollegeJersey - NCAA College Jerseys, real game-day jerseys, plus College Dog Collars & Dog Leashes and College Dog Jerseys - Featured in Dog Wear, Dog Collars & Leashes

Critter Socks - Socks Inspired By Your Favorite Animals - Featured in Find Your Dog Breed, Attire & Accessories

DisneyShopping - Array of Disney Products and Daily Deals - Featured in Specials & Holidays, Children's Choices

Dog.com - Extensive array of Dog Care, Dog Training, Dog Agility and Sports Equipment, Automotive Aids (Dog Steps, Ramps, Vehicle Barriers, Auto Seat Covers, Cargo Liners, Dog Harnesses), and other Dog Products, and with one of the largest dog forums - Featured in Dog Supplies, Dog Kennels & Carriers, Dog Grooming, Dog Training & Equipment, Dog Safety-Travel-Auto

DogHouses.com - Largest Selection of Dog Houses - Featured in Dog Houses

DogProblems.com - Dog Training E-Book using the Dog Whisper method and Dog Training Membership Site - Featured in Dog Training & Equipment, Dog Books & Media

DogToys.com - Dog Toys by Breed, Dog Chews and Treats, more - Featured in Dog Toys & Chews

DogWise.com - Over 2000 Dog Books and DVDs covering every major dog subject, specialized Dog Training Books not available anywhere else, Dog Show Schedule - Featured in Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Training & Equipment, Books & Media (search box and text links to specific dog categories)

Dr. Dog - From America to Australia, the UK, Brazil and beyond, Dr. Dennis Fetko, "Dr. Dog," has been the "go-to guy" for Police K9 trainers, Veterinary Associations, animal rescue shelters, dog bite legal cases, television shows like "20/20" - and dog owners. Instructional eBook and bonuses reveal the quickest, easiest, and most fun ways to get rid of dog behavior problems. Featured in Dog Training & Equipment and in Dog Books & Media.

Faux Paw Productions - Unique, Original, Hand Made Pet Products & Ceramics - Featured in People Pleasers, Find Your Dog Breed

For Dog Trainer - Hard-to-find, serious Dog Training Equipment of the highest quality and durability for Police, Shutzhund, K9, Sport, and Dog Lovers - Featured in Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Training & Equipment

Healthy Pet Solutions - Pet-Helper.com - All natural dog, cat, and horse nutraceuticals, herbal supplements for chronic ailments, and specialty pet health products such as for Canine Cushing's Disease, Dog and Cat Blood problems, Kidney damage. Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition, Specials

Hearth Song - Educational Toys, Games, Books, Crafts - Featured in Children's Choices

Just4Pooches - Dog Wear, Decorative Collars, Dog Accessories, Dog Beds & Pillows, Supplements & Remedies, All-Natural Dog Treats, Dog Gifts, Dog Food, Dog Travel Supplies & Dog Travel Beds, First Aid Kits, Dog Toys - Featured in Dog Beds & Furnishings, Dog Wear, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto

Kids Furniture Mart - Some good dog images among the Children's Furnishings - Featured in Children's Choices and frequently in Specials

Lillian Vernon - Dog Lover Gifts and Home Accessories, Holiday Decorations and Dog Costumes, Children's Toys, Specialty Items such as Dog Couch Blanket, Fleece Throw, Dog Towel, Dog Bowls, Dog Supply Bags, more - Featured in People Pleasers, Children's Choices, Home & Garden, Dog Supplies, Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Houses, Dog Wear, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto

Misty Mate, Inc. - Micro Mist Technology in Personal, Garden, and Portable Misters for rapid cooling of Pets, Home, in Sports, misting Plants & Birds, more - Featured in Home & Garden, Dog Toys & Chews, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto, Dog Health & Nutrition

Montgomery Ward - Specialty Items from Needlepoint Pillows, Comforters, Shower Curtains, Dog Bean Bag to serious requirements such as Dog Houses, Dog Beds, and Dog Harnesses - Featured in People Pleasers, Children's Choices, Home & Garden, Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Beds & Furnishings, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto

Only Natural Pet Store - Holistic care with all-natural, ecologically friendly products, e.g., Flea Control, Premium Dog Food and Dog Chews, Supplements, Natural Pet Care Supplies, Holistic and Herbal Remedies, Dog Grooming & Clean-up Products, Holistic Health Care Library - Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition

Outdoor Décor - Dog Lover Gifts, Garden Accessories, Pet Memorials, Pet Beds, Dog Houses, Weathervanes, Mailbox, more - Featured in Home & Garden

Personal Creations - Personalized Gifts for Pets & Dog Lover Gifts, NCAA approved Collegiate Dog Jerseys, Personalized Pet Memorials - Featured in People Pleasers, Find Your Dog Breed, Attire & Accessories, Home & Garden, Dog Wear

Personalization Mall - PetLand Shop - Personalized Gifts and Accessories, many unique items - Featured in People Pleasers

PetCo.com - Pet Superstore - Featured in Home & Garden (also with Showcase of stain & odor products), Dog Supplies (also with Showcase of Dog Bowls inventory), Dog Collars & Leashes (Showcase of Dog Collars & Leashes), Dog Kennels & Carriers (PetCo's Showcase of Carriers, Crates & Cages), Gates, Doors & Fences (Showcase of PetSafe Gates & Doors, showcase of FenceMasters), Dog Houses (Showcase of portable and home Dog Houses), Dog Beds (Showcase of Dog Beds), Dog Wear (Showcase with Paw Protectors- Dog Boots, Dog Coats & Dog Raincoats, Dog Jackets & Vests, Dog Running Jackets & Reflective Jackets, Dog Sweaters & Dog Sweatshirts, Dog Tees, Dog Pajamas, Fido Floats), Dog Grooming (Showcase of Dog Grooming products), Dog Toys & Chews (Product Showcase), Dog Training & Equipment, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto (Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder, Dog Steps, Outward Hound products, Automotive Showcase with Dog Car Seats, Dog Harnesses, Vehicle Barriers), Dog Health & Nutrition (organic dog biscuits & premium food, PetCo Shopping Guide, PetCo Consumer Product Reviews, PetCo New Pet Center), Books & Media (Showcase of Dog Books and more)

PetCare Insurance - Most popular pet insurance (PetCo subsidiary) - Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition

PetCareRX - Save up to 50% on all Pet Care needs, Flea & Tick Preventives, Arthritis pain remedies, Couture Dog Wear - Featured in Dog Wear, Dog Health & Nutrition

PetFoodDirect.com - 52 Premium Brands of Pet Food including Nature's Variety Food Products, Dog Weight Management, Senior Dog Care, Flea & Tick Treatments, Dog Chews, Dog Supplies, Dog Crates, Carriers & Houses, Gates, Pet Incontinence Products, Dog Dental Care - Featured in Dog Kennels & Carriers; in Gates -Doors-Fences (crate wear, exercise pens, barriers and gates by KidCo and Four Paws); in Dog Health & Nutrition

1-800-PetMeds - Largest Pet Pharmacy with guaranteed lowest prices, Dog Accessories, Vaccines, Dog Bone & Joint care, Dog Grooming, mass market and premium products such as Nordic Naturals for pure Omega 3 oils and Azmira Dog Food, Veterinarian Directory - Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Products (PNP) - Veterinarian Formulated Products, Free Pet Care Advice - Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition

PetSmart - Pet Superstore - Featured in Home & Garden, Dog Supplies (also with links to PetSmart Top Sellers and to a Storefront of Featured Items), Dog Collars & Leashes (also links to Dog Training Aids and Weaver Deerskin Leather Collars & Leashes), Dog Kennels & Carriers (with four text links to PetSmart's catalogs of Dog Houses & Kennels, Dog Carriers, Cages & Crates, Crate Mats & Pads), Dog Beds & Furnishings (link to Dog Beds at PetSmart with its large assortment of pillow beds, nest beds, orthopedic beds, couch-style beds, blankets, crate pads), Dog Grooming, Dog Training & Equipment (also has Electronic Dog Training such as Innotek, Citronella Bark Collars, and Dog Agility Equipment), Dog Safety -Travel -Auto, Books & Media (PetSmart Search box)

PetStreetMall - Quality Dog Products at Low Prices and Free Shipping, Dog Agility Equipment - Featured in Dog Supplies, Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Kennels & Carriers, Gates -Doors -Fences, Dog Beds, Dog Safety -Travel -Auto, Dog Training & Equipment, Specials

Plow & Hearth - Home and Garden Accessories and Gifts - Featured in Home & Garden

ShedEnder - Professional DeShedding Tool (AsSeenOnTV) - Featured in Dog Grooming

Stuffed Ark - Hundreds of life-like Stuffed Animals - Featured in People Pleasers, Find Your Dog Breed, Children's Choices

StuffedAnimals.com - Fabulous Stuffed Animals and more - Featured in Children's Choices

Target.com - Array of Dog Products from Dog Beds & Accessories to Dog Training Collars & Electronic Dog Training Equipment, Insulated Kennel Jacket & Camouflage Kennel Jacket - Featured in Dog Collars & Leashes, Dog Grooming, Dog Training & Equipment

The Paragon - Everything Personalized - Featured in People Pleasers

Urine Gone - As Seen on TV, Removes Pet Odors and Stains - Featured in Home & Garden

Veterinary Secrets Revealed - Manual by Dr. Andrew Jones with over 1000 safe, affordable, natural, effective solutions to help you treat your pet at home, also Complete Home Study Multi-Media Course - Featured in Dog Health & Nutrition, Books & Media

WizDog - Indoor Pet Potty - Featured in Home & Garden, Dog Training & Equipment

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