Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want To Win A Pet Health Course? - Teleseminar TONIGHT

Dr Andrew Jones' Thursday Phone Seminar on Keeping your Pet Healthy and Extending Your Pet's Life is TONIGHT, and it's FREE.

He also has 2 pet health videos you don't want to miss - now available free as part of the launch of his new pet health home study course. Take advantage of it! It's worth it!

Home Study Course GIVEAWAY Contest

He's going to be giving AWAY 3 NEW Veterinary Secrets Revealed 2.1 Home Study Courses.

His New Course has QUADRUPLED in size. It includes his:

* 450 page Veterinary Secrets 2.0 Manual,
* 250 page Pet First Aid Secrets Manual,
* 8 Instructional DVD Videos,
* 4 Instructional CD ROM Videos, and
* 4 Audio CDs

to keep your dogs and cats healthy, treat them at home, and know what to do in an emergency so they make it to the vet alive!

It's very LARGE, and Extremely Valuable.

The Catch.........

1. You've got to Sign Up for his Pet Health Phone Seminar by clicking here:

Pet Health Teleseminar - Thursday, Nov. 19th

2. Then go to Dr Jones' Pet Health Blog, WATCH his next 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Videos about his New Home Study Course, and leave a Comment.

I bought the original course a couple of years ago and found it invaluable. This one is even better!

If nothing else, though, don't miss the free pet health care videos on Dr. Jones' blog, as they probably won't be up long after the campaign - and if possible, attend the teleseminar. At least register for a chance to win!

To your dog's health,


Rena Murray

P.S. You really do have a chance to WIN, and it's far better than the 1-in-14 million odds of winning a lottery... .Dr Jones is giving away 3 Pet Health Courses. So start by Signing Up Here!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anniversary Special $100 Off
Complete Pet Health Home Study Multimedia Course

Hey, you don't want to miss this incredible special on the ONLY pet health course of its kind. I know, because I have it (at full price).

Until midnight on Friday, March 21st (3/21)

You can get Dr. Andrew Jones' Complete Pet Health Home Study Multimedia Course for $100 OFF.

With over 2654 Holistic Tips, Natural Remedies, and proven effective techniques for healing your cat or dog at home, Dr. Andrew Jones has been for over 15 years a respected Traditional and Holistic Veterinarian. And he's our own most trusted vet.

To CELEBRATE a little over a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since his Dog and Cat Home Study Healing System was launched, Dr. Jones wants to ensure your pet's health and longevity by making this home course affordable.


1."Quick Start Guide"

2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed Printed Pet Health Manual

3. FIVE CD Full Audio Version

4. The Veterinary Secrets Revealed Video Presentation on CDROM

5. The Veterinary Secrets Revealed Book-On-CDROM

6. The At-Home Pet Health Exam Video on DVD

Yes, it's huge. And it delivers substantial content from the first book to the last CD. But it's not just a bunch of random pet health information thrown together.

You get a complete method for dealing with a sick pet... how to examine your pet, make a diagnosis, select an at-home remedy, and treat your pet for their specific health problems.

Try Dr. Jones' System For 30% Off
And Get SEVEN Fr**ee Bonuses!

If the 30% discount isn't enough to have you, your
dog and cat bounding over to this special '1/3-off' web
site, these SEVEN fr**ee gifts will surely do the trick:

1: Pet First Aid Secrets - Complete 290 Page Canine and Feline
First Aid Manual

2: Four Pet Health Video Tutorials (from online seminars) -
(1) Herbs, Homeopathy Acupressure, Massage
(2) At-Home Exam Walkthrough
(3) Dog and Cat Food, Home Recipes, Raw Feeding
(4) Emergency Dog and Cat Care

3: Pet Food Secrets - Truth, Best Diets, Quality Food
Plus - Supplements, Home Recipes, avoiding common pet health problems, such as allergies, cancer, diabetes and weight loss.

4: The Complete Pet Vaccine Report - Diseases, Side Effects, Alternatives, Vaccine Protocol, Homeopathics following vaccination

5: Dog Training Secrets - How dogs learn, plus basic obedience, 10 must-know commands, behavior problems

6: Personal eMail Consultation with Dr. Jones - about any pet health problem with your pet, review of findings, interpretation of any diagnostic tests, and specific recommendations.

7: Veterinary Secrets Q&A Teleseminar

This special three quarter's off sale ENDS at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, MARCH 21.

If you'd like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system so many pet owners are raving about ...and save 30%, then go here now:

==> $100 Off Complete Pet Health Course

If you don't already have the course, don't miss it now at this price!

Rena Murray

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dog Health - 7 Day Special -
ALL Veterinary Secrets Products
25% to Second Chance Animal Shelter

His local SECOND CHANCE Animal Shelter is in crisis. So to help, Dr. Andrew Jones is holding a one week special promotion for ALL of his materials. 25% of all proceeds go to the animal shelter.

Dr. Jones is offering special packages and other huge deals. For example, the eBooks have been cut to $29, and the course has been cut by over $100 to as low as $189.

The special ends next Monday night - June 25th.

Don't miss out on this affordable way to obtain vital health information for your dog health! See the specials here:


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Ordered This
- Only 1 More Day -

If you haven't done so already, you will want to do what I did --
Get the incredible specials on the Veterinary Secrets Revealed multimedia home course, a BONUS 250-page Pet First Aid book, and so much more -- what I personally consider a must have for serious dog or cat owners!

Pet First Aid Special

To shorthand it, this is a one-time, awesome offer from an established veterinarian who runs a regular clinic, does surgeries, etc., but who hates to see pets die when that fate could have been reversed if the owners had only known ...

I know the Vet. I have the material for myself.
I know it is THAT good!

Why the special? It's for Dr. Jones' "legal defense fund."

You see, the Canadian Veterinary Assoc. is challenging the right of pet owners to know things a responsible, loving owner NEEDS to know, such as:

How to treat their pets at home … how to do preliminary diagnosis … what triage emergency steps to take on the way to the vet to save your pet's life ... what alternatives might be available ... all things that you and I want to know!

Some of their questions are really ludicrous ... such as demanding to see studies which would allow him to advise owners of dogs with cancer to "remain positive" ... and other nonsense.

This special with MULTIPLE BONUSES will never be repeated again.

It includes bonus books on FOOD for pets, treating CANCER in animals, pet examination DVD... more DVDs, CDs, hard cover "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" manual for 1000+ treatments ... plus the BONUS 250-page Pet First Aid book which will not be sold separately anywhere ... plus 12-months membership in the pet health membership site ... plus ... plus ....

Check it out to see it all...

Pet First Aid Special

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