Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want To Win A Pet Health Course? - Teleseminar TONIGHT

Dr Andrew Jones' Thursday Phone Seminar on Keeping your Pet Healthy and Extending Your Pet's Life is TONIGHT, and it's FREE.

He also has 2 pet health videos you don't want to miss - now available free as part of the launch of his new pet health home study course. Take advantage of it! It's worth it!

Home Study Course GIVEAWAY Contest

He's going to be giving AWAY 3 NEW Veterinary Secrets Revealed 2.1 Home Study Courses.

His New Course has QUADRUPLED in size. It includes his:

* 450 page Veterinary Secrets 2.0 Manual,
* 250 page Pet First Aid Secrets Manual,
* 8 Instructional DVD Videos,
* 4 Instructional CD ROM Videos, and
* 4 Audio CDs

to keep your dogs and cats healthy, treat them at home, and know what to do in an emergency so they make it to the vet alive!

It's very LARGE, and Extremely Valuable.

The Catch.........

1. You've got to Sign Up for his Pet Health Phone Seminar by clicking here:

Pet Health Teleseminar - Thursday, Nov. 19th

2. Then go to Dr Jones' Pet Health Blog, WATCH his next 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Videos about his New Home Study Course, and leave a Comment.

I bought the original course a couple of years ago and found it invaluable. This one is even better!

If nothing else, though, don't miss the free pet health care videos on Dr. Jones' blog, as they probably won't be up long after the campaign - and if possible, attend the teleseminar. At least register for a chance to win!

To your dog's health,


Rena Murray

P.S. You really do have a chance to WIN, and it's far better than the 1-in-14 million odds of winning a lottery... .Dr Jones is giving away 3 Pet Health Courses. So start by Signing Up Here!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Miss This Pet Health Seminar TONIGHT!

Dr. Jones' Pet Health Teleseminar is TONIGHT
April 30, 2009 - 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

Register for the Pet Health Seminar

In this blog post, below you'll also find:
* 3 Chances to WIN a New Course
* 2 Frequently Asked Questions Videos
* Healing Modalities Video Online

The Seminar TONIGHT is on Keeping your Pet Healthy and Extending your pet's life. It will be loaded with content you need to know. But Dr. Jones is also offering MORE to help you do this:

Home Study Course GIVEAWAY Contest

Dr. Jones is going to be giving AWAY THREE (3) NEW Veterinary Secrets Revealed 2.0 Home Study Courses.

His New Course has QUADRUPLED in size and incudes:

* 450 page Veterinary Secrets 2.0 Manual
* 250 page Pet First Aid Secrets Manual
* 8 Instructional DVD Videos
* 4 Instructional CD ROM Videos, and
* 4 Audio CDs.

It's very LARGE and Extremely Valuable.

The Catch.........

1. To win, you must first Sign Up for the Pet Health Teleseminar

2. WATCH the 2Frequently Asked Questions
on his Pet Vet Blog, then leave a comment.

You really DO have a chance to win!


Want to preview some parts of the New Course?
Watch the Healing Modalities Video.

Even if you have no intent on buying anything,
you really should at least watch the video-
Simple Healing Skills that are EASY to use,
Including such things as:

* Acupressure for Hip Arthritis
* Herbal Tonic formula for chronic problems
* The MOST effective Homeopathic Remedy for Diarrhea
* Massage of YOUR cat for Back PAIN


Dr. Jones is the only one I know in North
America who is making this kind of pet health
Information available. It's invaluable!
So take full advantage of it. Your dogs
(and cats) will be glad you did!

Wishing you the best of pet health and enjoyment,


Rena Murray

P.S. Don't miss the Pet Health Teleseminar TONIGHT -

Date: Thursday, April 30th
Time: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

And be early. Dr. Jones notified his list of 20,000 - and someone else notified 500,000 dog owners. This is really big - and valuable. I'll definitely be there!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update
FDA Testing 6 Ingredients

China finally admits that tainted food came from their country.

The FDA is reportedly testing six ingredients now, among them wheat gluten, corn gluten, cornmeal, soy protein, and rice protein concentrate.

More pet food recalls (and human food recalls?) are very likely.

While the FDA still reports "14 deaths," multiple sources report pet deaths in the thousands. Pet Connection reports 4515 deceased pets in its database alone as of today (4/27/07).

Our friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, will soon hold a teleseminar on the Pet Food Recall, including Q&A and a number of home diets. I'll keep you posted.


The all human-grade, all-US, nutritious, affordable, natural pet food we carefully researched and selected, featured (with links) on this page -
Safe Natural Dog Food -

or you can go directly to the pet food company to review the ingredients, production process, and so much more with this link:
Flint River Pet Food Company

It's even delivered fast and free via UPS, with has formulations for both cats and dogs.

That food smelled so good, it even made me hungry! And Gatsby (who's always had the best dog food) gobbled it up faster than anything ever before.

Keep your pet safe!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Pet First Aid Teleseminar
Tuesday, March 6th
6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern

Do you know what to do if your pet is injured?

Don't miss this 90-minute Pet First Aid Teleseminar!

In this pet health teleseminar, Dr. Andrew Jones will be revealing the most important Cat and Dog First Aid skills that you need to know. Plus you will hear about the specific steps that you should take for the most common pet emergencies, pet CPR, and quick actions you must take at home to keep your pet alive until you get it to the vet.

To register go here:
Pet First Aid Registration
<--- Click that, please

This is important...

And there's a BONUS REPORT for all registrants:

"PET 911: Report On The Most Common Pet Health
Emergencies And How To Respond FAST"

Available for download immediately after the teleseminar
(web address will be given during the teleseminar and by email).

There are only 250 lines available,
so register early to guarantee your spot and
CLAIM Your Fr##ee Bonus Report.

Pet First Aid Registration
<--- Click that, please

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