Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As the economic crisis worsens, here's one economic stimulus you don't want to miss. Your pet's health doesn't have to suffer, too, nor your wallet.

Dr. Andrew Jones recognizes that Vet care can be very expensive. But there are things you can do about it:

1. PREVENT Disease, for starters.

2. TREAT Your Dog or Cat AT HOME, safely and effectively.

So Dr. Jones is offering a Dog and Cat Health 'Economic Stimulus' Special, his COMPLETE Dog and Cat Healing SYSTEM on SALE for 85% OFF!

Until Until 12AM on Friday, Nov. 28,
you can get his entire Pet Healing System for $628 OFF.

Here's where you can grab your copy:

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INCLUDES ALL of His Digital Materials...

1. Veterinary Secrets Revealed (e-Book)
2. Veterinary Secrets Revealed (MP3 Audio)
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4. Pet First Aid Secrets Audio
5. Pet Food Recall Report (Video Presentation)
6. The Veterinary Code (Video Presentation
7. Homeopathy, Herbs, Acupressure and Massage (Video Presentation)
8. Pet CPR Training Video (FULL Demonstration Video)
9. Acupressure Training Video (FULL Demonstration Video)

PLUS 6 incredible BONUSES

1- Pet First Aid Video Presentation

2- At Home Pet Health Exam Video Presentation

3- NEW Pet Food Report

4- The Pet Vaccine Report

5- Dog and Cat At Home Recipes E-Book

6- Special LIVE Phone Seminar with Dr. Jones

*He will be holding a Special Online Seminar going into
Detail on the most common Dog and Cat Health Problems,
And how you can begin to treat these At Home Immediately
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You have NEVER seen ALL of this BEFORE..
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That's MORE BONUSES than he has EVER offered before ...and you get them all FR*EE when you try Dr. Jones' entire system for 85% OFF.

Go here right now for full details on the package and Bonuses, and claim your copy before they're all gone!

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P.S. This special 85% OFF sale ends at MIDNIGHT on Friday, Nov 28.
If you'd like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system so many pet owners are raving about ...and SAVE $628 then go here:

==> Pet Health 'Economic Stimulus' 85% Off

P.P.S. Bonus NUMBER 6- The Special LIVE Teleseminar with me is SO NEW that it isn't even on Dr. Jones' website yet. Because of the LIVE Question and Answer aspect, he wants to give those that ACT FAST personal attention. So it's limited to the First 100 clients. If you want to get personal attention,
then I suggest you get on board before it's too late:

==> Pet Health 'Economic Stimulus' 85% Off

* * * * * *

I have this pet health information and cannot recommend it enough.

Times are tough, but your dog doesn't have to suffer ill health because of it. Now your dog's quality health care is within your reach. He depends on you...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Rena Murray

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tainted Dog Food Alert - NutroMax

I just received this shocking notice from Ginny Rodgers of

"NutroMax is now killing animals who are being fed the food, and the company is not acknowledging it. PLEASE pass this along to all rescues...."

See - - - Customers tell their recent experiences with Nutro dog food products and how the company did / did not respond.

Read and decide for yourself. Be aware.


This is yet another reason we do NOT buy dog food from grocery stores, pet stores, etc. I order (fast, free delivery) the TRUSTED all-natural, human-grade, fresh, "pure," nutritious Flint River Wellness Dog Food for my Gatsby!

Rena Murray

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Pet Food Recall - Want The Truth?
See Pet Food Recall Seminar on Video
- 26 Ways to Avoid Toxic Pet Food -

Are you willing to follow 26 ways to avoid toxic pet food and safely feed your dog and cat?

More than 5,600 pet food items have been recalled since early March.

4,633 pets have been reported as deceased as a result of contaminated pet food.

Don't let it happen to your pet. Never again.
Get details here:
Pet Food Recall Video Package

Learn the TRUTH with The Pet Food Recall Seminar on Video.

- What Are The Signs of Pet Food Toxicity?
- Why Was This Not Reported Earlier?
- What Has Really Happened?
- Why Don't Pet Food Manufacturers Test Ingredients?
- Could This Happen Again?
- What Else Might Be Affected?
- Facts About Kidney Disease
- 10 Balanced Home Pet Food Recipes
- What Must You Avoid? Look For?
- SAFE Pet Food List
- Much more!

You can get this Pet Food Recall Video for a limited time for less than the cost of dinner at a good restaurant.

Let Dr. Andrew Jones give you the details here:
Pet Food Recall Video Package

Act NOW and get valuable BONUSES:

- Pet Food Recall Summary Report (PDF)
- Pet 911: Pet Emergencies and How to Respond FAST (eBook)
- Dog Training Secrets (eBook)
- One-month free trial of Dr. Jones' Membership Site

60-Day Guarantee

You have nothing to lose. Dr. Andrew Jones gives an iron-clad, unconditional, 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. (Keep all the bonuses.)
He wants to get this vital information to you.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update
FDA Testing 6 Ingredients

China finally admits that tainted food came from their country.

The FDA is reportedly testing six ingredients now, among them wheat gluten, corn gluten, cornmeal, soy protein, and rice protein concentrate.

More pet food recalls (and human food recalls?) are very likely.

While the FDA still reports "14 deaths," multiple sources report pet deaths in the thousands. Pet Connection reports 4515 deceased pets in its database alone as of today (4/27/07).

Our friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, will soon hold a teleseminar on the Pet Food Recall, including Q&A and a number of home diets. I'll keep you posted.


The all human-grade, all-US, nutritious, affordable, natural pet food we carefully researched and selected, featured (with links) on this page -
Safe Natural Dog Food -

or you can go directly to the pet food company to review the ingredients, production process, and so much more with this link:
Flint River Pet Food Company

It's even delivered fast and free via UPS, with has formulations for both cats and dogs.

That food smelled so good, it even made me hungry! And Gatsby (who's always had the best dog food) gobbled it up faster than anything ever before.

Keep your pet safe!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Your Answer for
Dog Food and Dog Treats

I have received many questions from concerned dog and cat owners following the massive Pet Food Recall, including a recall of dog treats and more.

My search for a safe, nutritious, affordable, and practical alternative uncovered the outstanding Flint River dog food, cat food, and dog treats.

Go here for details of these ultra-fresh foods, their ingredients, the company and more: Flint River Dog Food

We recommend this company and its carefully controlled U.S. manufacturing and ingredients for these reasons:

• All human grade ingredients.
• No By-products. No Fillers.
• No Chemical preservatives (Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA).
• No artificial flavors or colors.
• Unique Twice Oven-Baked Formula
• 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
• Recommended by top veterinarians, kennels, and breeders.
• Great for pet coat, health, breath, skin, energy…

Shipped fresh to your door via UPS - FREE delivery!

Baked (not extruded) at carefully controlled temperatures, so flavor is baked in, nutrients are preserved naturally, and food is more easily digested and absorbed.

Check it out: Flint River Dog Food

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Melamine in Pet Food Recall
Breaking News!

Shocking new news and many questions surround the Pet Food Recall travesty.

U.S. government testing found melamine - a chemical used to make plastics, laminates, and fertilizer - in samples of the Menu Foods pet food. It was also found in the "filler" ingredient, wheat gluten, traced to a supplier in China.

FDA officials said that in independent tests, Cornell University scientists also found melamine in the urine of sick cats and in the kidney of one cat that died after eating the company's wet food.

Stephen Sundlof, Director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, said there was an "undeniable" connection between the melamine in the cats' urine and the melamine in the pet food. Uncertain whether the melamine caused the deaths, the FDA hasn't determined how the substance got into the pet food in the first place.

CAUTION: Wheat gluten is used as an ingredient in BOTH wet and dry dog food and cat food.

My personal advice:
Don't feed your dog or cat anything manufactured by Menu Foods. Use the links in our earlier posts to check for your brand name, and make sure that Menu Foods does NOT manufacture the product you are using (wet or dry).

FDA officials said scientists are no longer investigating any connection between the deaths and the rat poison aminopterin.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Real Truth behind Dog Food, Dog Vaccines


Join Dr. Andrew Jones and Catherine O'Driscoll, of Canine Health Concern, in a LIVE 60 minute Teleseminar.

Date - Monday, April 2
Time - 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST)

Catherine O'Driscoll, author of "What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines" will show you how to have a healthier, longer living dog. She is a recognized authority on Pet Food and Pet Vaccines.
[ ]

(Sorry Cat Owners... this teleseminar is for Dog Owners ONLY.)

Although the cost of this teleseminar is $19.97, Dr. Jones has made special arrangements to allow you to attend at zero cost!

* The Pet Food Recall- How to avoid this from happening to your dog.

* The Best Food to Feed Your Dog- How to choose a quality dog food.

* The Truth behind dog vaccines- What is needed to protect your pet.

* How to make food for your dog- Balanced, nutritious recipes.

* Vaccine side effects- What Vets don't tell you.

* And much, much, much, more!!!

NOTE: This Urgent Dog Health teleseminar is limited to first 250 Dog Owners who register. Registrants will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and to register, click here:

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pet Food Recall
Don't Take a Chance!

While the press still reports "more than 16" pet deaths, the tolls are much higher and mounting. established a database to track the illnesses from the contaminated pet food - about 95 brands of dog food and cat food.

We don't want to scare anyone unnecessarily, but extreme caution is the watchword now. If I had ANY wet pet food, I would take it back and have it checked.

The email we received from one client shows why -- contaminated cans that were NOT among those included in the codes provided by Menu Foods. Here is what she had to say:

"Rena, thank you for the update.
I tend to stock up on food for my cat and dog.
I took all of the food that I had back to PetSmart.
When it was scanned, half of it was contaminated.
I had separated the food that I thought was contaminated, based on the serial numbers. MUCH more was bad.
I'm just glade that I took it all back!
PetSmart was really great about this."

Do as she did. TAKE IT BACK!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Are you using Nutro, Science Diet, Iams?
Update on Wet Pet Food Recall

This is a serious and widespread pet health risk.

60 million containers of "cuts and gravy" style dog food and cat food sold between Dec. 3 and March 6 throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico under many different brand names, including premium brands, have been recalled.

If you use "wet" pet food, check your pantry and throw those with suspect brands and product codes OUT!

Here's an update on the PET FOOD RECALL ALERT. Again, it involves pet food manufactured by Menu Foods in its Emporia, Kansas and Pennsauken, NJ plants for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers, and for rebranding by such giants as P&G.

New list of included brands -- more than previously reported -- 40 cat food and 50 dog food brand names.

Are you feeding your pet PREMIUM pet food such as Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Nutro …? Their wet foods are included!

What is going on? According to a news story out of Washington, an unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure, and about 10 cats died after eating the affected pet food.

We all know that unreported cases increase that number. We had one client in New York contact us saying she had just removed her dog from one of the affected foods after he started vomiting. She headed to the vet! You should, too!

SPREAD THE WORD. Let your pet-owner friends know. You could save their pets' lives!

Menu Foods did not immediately provide a full list of brand names and lot numbers covered by the recall, offering instead their Web site -- -- or call (866) 463-6738.

See Saturday's post for more details.

Product testing has not revealed a link explaining the reported cases of illness and death. Menu Foods' spokeswoman comments: "However, the recalled products were made using wheat gluten purchased from a new supplier, since dropped for another source." Wheat gluten is a source of protein. But is that really the cause?


Our good friend, Dr. Andrew Jones of Nelson, BC, wrote in his newsletter the following (reprinted with permission). You can find information about his practice, pet first aid training, traditional and alternative treatments, home study course for pet owners, and much more, as well as subscribe to his pet health newsletter, through the DOG HEALTH pages on or directly through the link below.

Andrew writes today:

"…An early suspect is excessive Vitamin D-- but routine blood screening won't pick this up-- You need to test for Ionized Calcium. This is a blood test that needs to be sent to a Lab.

EARLY SIGNS? - Increase drinking, increase urinating, and inappetance.

SEVERE CASES are lethargic, with vomiting and mouth ulcers - These cats are severely dehydrated.

[Andrew continues]
P.S. The whole food issue comes back to haunt us again. We are trusting LARGE corporate, multinational companies which are primarily focused on profit, with our pet's health.

Because they outsource to SAVE costs and MAXIMIZE shareholder value, they lose control of the food production company. I have never heard of "Menu Foods."

I am a little surprised to see some supposed "reputable" companies on the list, such as Iams and Nutro…

I a pleased to report that ZERO of the foods that I advised you feed are on the list.

I reveal this and more in my SPECIAL REPORT on Pet Food- this is a bonus when you order my Complete Home Study Course.

To get a glimpse of the Bonus Report go to:
Pet Food Special Report

A final word..

1. Consider making your own dog and cat food- you know then what is in the ingredients.
2. Stick with Premium quality "Natural Foods" if you are to feed dry kibble.
3. Consider feeding a portion of the diet as Raw.
4. It is better to avoid foods found in the Grocery Store.
5. Vary the food- DON'T just stick with 1 Food.

It's Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes
Dr Andrew Jones
[end quote]

I am surprised, too, but facts are facts.
Heed the warning, read your labels, and keep your pet safe!

Your friend,
Rena Murray

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wet Pet Food Recall

Yesterday we sent WARNING to our Paw Persuasion Pointers newsletter subscribers about immediate danger to pet health from certain current batches of "wet" dog food and cat food. If you did not see the newsletter, please read carefully.


Several subscribers have already written thanks - including one in New York whose dog was vomiting after eating one of the wet dog foods. Another in Maine found the indicated product numbers on cans in her pantry of Iams she had just purchased for her dog and cats. If you use wet foods, PAY ATTENTION!

Here's the PET FOOD RECALL in a nutshell.

WHO? - MENU FOODS, manufacturer of certain products sold under 37 brands of cat food and 46 brands of dog food by retailers such as Wal-Mart and PetSmart, food stores including Kroger, Safeway, Save-A-Lot, Publix, Winn Dixie, Food Lion, and many others. Menu Foods makes pet food for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers (including some "wet" foods under P&G brands).

WHY? - An undisclosed number of owners reported vomiting and kidney failure in dogs and cats after feeding them certain products. The actual source of the problem with the foods has not yet been identified, although our friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, says: "I suspect that a vitamin/mineral premix has been added in a too high of a level, such as calcium or Vitamin D…. Yet another reason to make your own food."

SYMPTOMS? - The signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, vomiting, and lethargy. If your pet displays such symptoms, GO TO A VET IMMEDIATELY.

Contact Kurt Weingand, D.V.M., Ph.D.
937-264-7676 .

RECALLED PRODUCTS? - Pet food made at Menu Foods' plants in Emporia, Kansas and Pennsauken, N.J. (dates Dec. 3 - March 6) – specifically, "cuts and gravy" style food (chunks of meat in gravy) in cans and small foil pouches, not dry foods. To view a complete list of the recalled products with descriptions and details for each, go to Menu Foods or call 866-895-2708.


As a proactive measure, P&G is recalling canned foods (all sizes) and the 5.3 oz foil pouch cat and dog wet food products made by Menu Foods in Emporia, Kansas and sold under the Iams and Eukanuba brands with these code dates -
6339 through 7073, followed by the plant code: 4197.

HOW TO READ THE CODES? - On the bottom of CANS, the first four numbers of the second line of numbers are the date code, and the following four numbers indicate the plant code. For FOIL POUCHES, the code numbers are located at the lower left hand corner on the back of the pouch. The date and plant codes appear in the third group of numbers, beginning an 11-digit sequence.

NOTE: Iams and Eukanuba dry products are not manufactured at Menu Foods. Dry foods, treats, and sauces are not affected by this recall. All other canned and small foil wet pouch products produced at other plants are not affected.

All Iams and Eukanuba products carry a 100 percent guarantee. Consumers can receive a refund for recalled products. For more information, contact the company at 1-800-882-1591 or visit and


REMEMBER - There are MANY BRANDS. Check the list!

P.S. To receive valuable future information about pet health, dog behavior, dog training, and other important dog related matters, subscribe to my Paw Persuasion Pointers newsletter by entering your first name and email in the form on the right. I respect your time and privacy, and will never give out, rent, or sell your information! You can unsubscribe at any time.

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