Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fabulous Free Pet Health Information - Did you miss this in my Paw Persuasion Pointers Newsletter?


Did you see my Paw Persuasion Pointers newsletters with this incredible pet health information from Dr. Andrew Jones?

These links will probably only work for a short time, as I expect this extensive FREE pet health information to be taken offline shortly (after his new course launches). So I wanted to make you you hadn't missed it. It's too vital to your dog's health!

So if you want to see any of the Fr*ee Pet Health Videos and Special Reports from Dr. Jones, you can find them here:

(1) How to Heal Your Pet on Video -

Excerpts from Demonstration DVDs, including:

* Healing Your Pets With Herbs,
* Healing With Acupressure,
* Healing Your Pets With Herbs, and
* Healing Your Pets With Homeopathy

(2) "Caring For A Sick Pet At Home" -
Dr. Jones' newest Special Report, PLUS
the "At Home Pet Health Exam"

(3) "The TRUTH Behind Veterinarians, Dog Vaccines, Diet and Disease" - Info in this Special Report could save your dog's life!

(4) Toxic People Food - Dr. Andrew Jones' Blog post on ALL the common People Foods
That are TOXIC to dogs and cats.

You might be surprised. There are some pretty common ones, from Grapes to Xylitol, even Apples.. and what do do IF your pet ingests ANY of these.

This is vital pet health information that you WON'T find anywhere other than on these pages. Make sure you get it while it's up.

Let's keep your dog healthy!

Rena Murray

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Dog Vaccines -
Instruments of Health or Death?

We vaccinate out pets to keep them healthy - but are we hurting them instead?

We have been over-vaccinating our pets - and causing serious pet health problems such as allergic reactions, skin problems, fibrosarcomas, arthritis, chronic gastro-intestinal diseases, thyroid disease, epilepsy, behavioral problems, immune system overload, and autoimmune disease … even premature death.

There are other dog health risks - Concerns about Vaccine adjuvants (carriers, such as mercury and incidence of autism in children) - Concerns about how the vaccines are produced (live tissue culture).

And administering too many vaccine components at once - components linked to cancer in dogs and cats.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in cats and dogs over the age of 7!

Did you know that dogs have 35 times as much skin cancer as humans?

They have 4 times as many breast tumors as people, 8 times as much bone cancer, and twice as high an incidence of leukemia.

You MUST know what to do to protect your pet! So if you missed Dr. Andrew Jones' specifics in his 2-hour online Pet Health Seminar on the subject of cat and dog vaccines and related dog health information, it was taped. Get it here with a bonus downloadable report "The Vaccine Code" -

===> Dog Vaccines - Pet Health Seminar

This unique Pet Health Seminar spells out -

* Dog Vaccine Protocols - which vaccines to give your dog, how often, which dog vaccines to avoid, and the research backing up the recommendations.

* Non-core vaccines - why your pet may not be at risk, why the vaccine might not be effective in the first place, and what serious dog health risks might be involved.

* Cancer prevention; cancer treatment alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation.

* Homeopathic nosodes (the only option for a severely allergic pet), and what you can do to reduce severe dog vaccine reactions.

* How to boost your pet's immune system.

* 4 key ingredients in all supplements.

* Dog food - benefits of raw food and how to integrate raw foods and home recipes into your dog's diet - as well as an approved list of select, all-natural commercial foods (of which our own first choice for natural dog food, Flint River, is one).

This is all vital dog health information you need to know NOW. It's your pet - and he trusts you!

Rena Murray

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Veterinary Code" -
Free Pet Health Webinar -
Thursday, Aug. 23rd

You asked for it! In our poll on Dog Health Care Solutions on Squidoo, you told us that dog vaccines were your greatest dog health concern. And we told Dr. Jones.

So Dr. Andrew Jones is holding another free Cat and Dog Health Webinar:

Title: "The Veterinary Code"
Date: Thursday, August 23
Time: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

This dog health webinar will be focused mainly on Cat and Dog Vaccines, but will also include other hot pet health topics: Cancer, Pet Food, and Supplements.

See details and sign up at The Veterinary Code Webinar.

This was just announced - and in less than a day, we already have over 200 people signed up! But if you miss the free webinar, go to the link later, when the video of this pet health webinar will be for sale.

But you really don't want to miss this hot discussion - the TRUTH about dog vaccines! Go here now to reserve your FREE position:

The Veterinary Code Webinar.

Rena Murray

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Real Truth behind Dog Food, Dog Vaccines


Join Dr. Andrew Jones and Catherine O'Driscoll, of Canine Health Concern, in a LIVE 60 minute Teleseminar.

Date - Monday, April 2
Time - 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST)

Catherine O'Driscoll, author of "What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines" will show you how to have a healthier, longer living dog. She is a recognized authority on Pet Food and Pet Vaccines.
[ http://www.canine-health-concern.org.uk ]

(Sorry Cat Owners... this teleseminar is for Dog Owners ONLY.)

Although the cost of this teleseminar is $19.97, Dr. Jones has made special arrangements to allow you to attend at zero cost!

* The Pet Food Recall- How to avoid this from happening to your dog.

* The Best Food to Feed Your Dog- How to choose a quality dog food.

* The Truth behind dog vaccines- What is needed to protect your pet.

* How to make food for your dog- Balanced, nutritious recipes.

* Vaccine side effects- What Vets don't tell you.

* And much, much, much, more!!!

NOTE: This Urgent Dog Health teleseminar is limited to first 250 Dog Owners who register. Registrants will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and to register, click here:

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