Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dog Behavior Seminar in Vermont

I just taught my first seminar on dog behavior a few days ago for a jam-packed room of dog owners with some really serious dog behavior problems. It was fun.

I was in Vermont seeing snow for the first time and falling up to my thigh in it. That was how I opened the seminar!

I had also tried my best to find out, in advance, the dog behavior issues that my current audience was facing. I kept it real, stayed myself... which is what I intend to do for the rest of my life.

And that's how I promise to be with you. For your dog behavior and dog training issues, I will "tell it like it is!"

Rena Murray

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

NEW Inner Circle 2.0 Pet Health and Pet Care Membership Launched With Extensive New Benefits and Fast Action Bonuses

What we've been waiting for is here!

Dr. Andrew Jones, an accomplished practicing veterinarian of 15 years, just launched his expanded, interactive, and comprehensive Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership with over 2654 Holistic Cat and Dog Health Tips, Natural Remedies, and effective techniques to treat your pet at home.

You can get your most burning pet health questions answered by Dr. Jones, receive his daily update Newsletter, and access all of his online products, extensive library, Q&A, Forum, and more. And now there are many additions to the already extensive Membership benefits. Trust me. You really do want to check this out!

The INNER CIRCLE 2.0 is literally unique - It's the ONLY resource of its kind, and it's being updated constantly. All the latest research results and recommendations for your dog health, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, tips for wellness, dog food to eat and dog food ingredients that are toxic, home recipes and supplements, dog vaccine research and recommended regimens, and more.

New MONTHLY Members-only Benefits - You will also hear from Dr. Jones and other pet experts on the most pressing cat and dog health issues monthly via CD delivered to your home - AND - you can submit your questions and attend his monthly live, interactive Webinar!

Through November 30th you can experience all that the INNER CIRCLE 2.0 has to offer for only $29.97 out-of-pocket AND get some incredible additional BONUSES (yours to keep even if you leave the Membership). So there's really no reason not to benefit from this!

ACT FAST - because the first 50 purchasers also get One-on-One Consultations with Dr. Jones.

There's much too much to even attempt to cover in a blog post, so get the full details of the vast benefits and your Membership here:
Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

As for me, I am an INNER CIRCLE MEMBER. Through this clearly presented, expert advice, I have been able to stop my dog's allergic skin reactions, ensure that he has the most healthful food, understand the vaccine regimen that's best for him, and diagnose and treat some minor ailments. Should a serious dog health emergency arise, I'm prepared!

Dr. Jones also provides understanding of some underlying causes of cat and dog behavior problems and how to treat them. This just might be an answer you need, in addition to dog behavior training and "dog whisper" leadership guidance. You always have to address the source of a dog behavior problem for lasting change to take place.

In any event, your dog's wellness and vitality have a lot to do with his dog behavior and happiness! And he depends on you to have this knowledge to save his life and ensure his wellbeing.

So become an Empowered Pet Owner on whom your dog can justly rely. Get your Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dog Whispering - More Consistent and Effective Than Positive Reinforcement Training

The most important rule of dog whispering is to remember that dog whispering is about seeing things from the dog's point of view.

I once heard a child say, "Mommy, does dog whispering mean you whisper in the dog's ear?"

What people don't realize is that by not taking time to observe dog behavior, through positive reinforcement we are often creating dog behavior problems.

Think about it.

If Rusty jumps on you, and you remove the paws gently saying, "No, no," very sweetly, that's not serious. So as far as he's concerned, you agree with the behavior.

It's the same with getting on the bed, or the sofa. If he gets up there and nobody removes him, he sees that as saying he can get up there any time he wants to.

It is for this reason that I do not like positive reinforcement training at all. It sends too many mixed messages.

The biggest mistakes I see made are rewarding bad dog behavior with affection, or simply ignoring it and thinking that with time it will go away.

Behaviors you don't agree with have to be addressed promptly and firmly. I'm not talking about being mean. There's a big difference between being mean and being firm.

Dog whispering means listen!

Rena Murray

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Dog Behavior Tips -
How To Handle Dog Separation Anxiety

If your dog has separation anxiety, here are a few dog behavior tips to help:

1. Always exercise him well before you leave - minimum 30 minutes.

2. Keep him in a small area. The smaller it is, the more secure the dog feels.

3. Don't make a fuss when you're leaving. Just leave. Really, it's best not to say anything to the dog.

4. If you have another dog with whom he is friends, make sure he can get to the other dog for comfort. It soothes the anxiety.

5. Practice several times a day when you are home. Put him in his place for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and correct him promptly the minute he makes a sound. You get the idea.

What you are doing is conditioning his mind. So when you actually leave, he's already conditioned to be quiet.

6. Go to an All-Natural Pet Store and ask about the pill made from mother's milk. That helps a lot in extreme cases of dog separation anxiety.

Ahhh... Peace and quiet...

Rena Murray

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Obsessive Dog Behavior - Water Crazy!

You don't have to live with the annoyance or nightmare of obsessive dog behavior problems. Consider water crazed dogs...

There are several people who have seen the episode of "Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Millan where the Yellow Lab, Brady, was completely obsessive toward water. Brady would swim constantly for up to 8 hours at a time until he was literally screaming in pain! Not to mention yodelling until he could get to the pool.

I dealt with a dog with the same kind of problem on a lower level. This dog was over 100 pounds and simply loved diving in, squeezing through the doggie door, running through the house, jumping on the couch, and doing it all over again. Not to mention giving her master a good slobber and shake before she dove in again.

"We don't walk her very much," the owner said. "She gets her exercise this way."

"And, uh... You're enjoying this?" I asked, pointing toward the soaked floor, and recoiling from the soaked couch.

"I guess that's part of it," the owner said.

"Guess what? It doesn't have to be."

I was amazed at the owner's tolerance, and still am. An obsession at that level is very annoying and not exactly easy to break.

"First off, this dog should be running twice a day, not walking. She has too much energy and a very high instinct drive," I replied. "You have two choices: Get a treadmill or a golf cart."

Not surprisingly, I discovered the dog had more obsessive dog behaviors, too. Smelling the ground and pulling on a leash like a lunatic were two of them.

Needless to say, that session ended up being a lot longer than I planned. But I stayed right there until we conquered every single problem.

So yes, even the worst obsessive dog behaviors and the most obnoxious can have an end put to them. But YOU have to be more persistent than your dog.

Enjoy the day, and stay dry.

Rena Murray

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Rehabilitation -
What's The Hardest Part?

The hardest thing to learn in dog rehabilatation is that once the owner has returned, it is no longer in your hands.

That is hard to swallow. But I cannot become emotionally attached to every dog I work with to that point. Too often, you know the owners aren't really going to be consistent. That will cause the dog to go right back into his prior dog behavior problem habits, and be unhappy the rest of his life.

I would want to take the dog home ... but I would end up with way to many dogs!

If you're not providing 100% of what your dog needs, then you aren't giving him your best. If you rescued him, yes that's a nice beginning... but it's only a beginning. Are you going to confine him to a yard or house, so that all you've really done is take him from one kennel to a larger "kennel?" Then you wonder why he develops dog behavior problems?

Dogs are constant travellers. They are constantly walking or running, and it is an absolute necessity that they do it every day!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bucking Bronco Dog -
Recognize This Dog Behavior Problem?

No! No! NOOO!

That is the common reaction from people who are trying to walk a bucking bronco type dog. This dog behavior problem is not "Bad Dog behavior" as some would say, but a result of lack of exercise and discipline.

To handle it correctly, correct the dog each time he starts to buck. Then allow him to release himself (any stop or pause). Continue like that and he will calm down and you can move forward.

The whole point is to stay there until you get one hundred percent. If you ask for less than the best, you will never get it.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why Does My Dog Drink Out of the Toilet?
What to do about it?
Solutions to Dog Behavior Problems

As promised, here's another dog behavior solution.

Eeeew! Gross!

That's the reaction of most people when Al has promptly helped himself to water in the toilet bowl.

"He has a clean dish," says the frustrated human who caught him in the act. "Why does he want to drink THAT?"

Considering what we do in there, it's a little hard for us to believe that this is true. The toilet bowl water is the freshest in the house, and it's always cool… not to mention very similar to the temperature the dog would generally drink water in the wild.

A dog drinking THAT happens to be one of my pet peeves. So I was determined to locate a product that could somehow help with this problem. And I did. It is a water bowl that filters itself consistently - like a fountain – so it's constantly fresh.

It also helps with some dogs who don't like to drink from still bowls. Like my friend's Springer Spaniel. The dog simply wouldn't drink enough water. They had to turn on a faucet whenever he was thirsty!

For any of you who has this problem, check this out. There are two outstanding Pet FOUNTAINS (bowls) featured on my website at Paw Persuasion's Dog Supplies and Dog Bowls -

-- Petmate Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain
-- Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

No more dog behavior problem with the toilet!

Rena Murray

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dog Whisper - Dog Whispering - What Is It Really?

There is a lot of confusion out there on what "Dog Whispering" and "Dog Whisper" really are and how to apply this approach.

I just wrote an article explaining this. Digg it at Ezine Articles:
Rena Murray - Expert Author - Dog Whisper Trainer
or find it on my PawPersuasion website:
Articles by Dog Whisper Trainer - Rena Murray.

Article Title -
Popular Topic That 'Dog Whisper' - But What Is Dog Whispering Really?

Want more on the topic? Visit my new site -
Dog Whisper With Rena - Dog Behavior Training and Dog Obedience to Shout About! - on Squidoo

Doesn't my Gatsby (Border Collie) look wonderful on Squidoo? Right below the "bio" you can click if you want to create your own free lens, too. At the top of the "Squidoo lens," don't forget to rate it 5 stars - and to email it to your friends. :) You also might want to add it to your favorites and bookmarks - That helps you and us!

So visit my Dog Whisper with Rena lens on Squidoo to learn more about dog whispering, and have the relationship you always wanted with your dog!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan Mean To Kane?

Most people who have seen National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer" have seen one of the earliest episodes where Cesar was asked to bring a one-year-old Great Dane over a shiny floor... The one thing the dog wouldn't do. He refused to walk on ANY shiny surface.

Some have criticized Cesar for the way that he simply "did it." A lot of times when a dog is terrified of something, making him move forward, with exposure again and again, is the only way to ease the fear.

My dog was scared silly of motorcycles. He now ignores them. I'm not mean because I made him stay there. In fact, getting him over that fear may save his life some day on a walk!

Cesar wasn't hurting the fearful dog. He did exactly what a Pack Leader would do. A Pack Leader in the wild would either make the fearful dog move, or leave it to die while the rest of the pack went on.

The point is ... They come out of it, even if they are traumatized, much faster than humans do.

Let me make myself clear. There are a few actions of Mr. Millan with which I do not agree, but I am not commenting on this to point out my likes and dislikes of Cesar. All I'm saying is that somebody who criticized him for this obviously had no knowledge of dog behavior.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dog Behavior Problems?
Keep at it!

Remember the dog who feared motorcycles? That is a thing of the past now.

When your pet has a behavior issue, keep at it. When confronted with dog behavior problems, consistency and persistence pay big dividends.

Dogs move on if you stick with them long enough for them to do so.

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