Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food Aggression in Dogs - It Can Be Solved

In most of the animal cop shows, a dog with any food aggression is put to sleep right away. I agree that this behavior is dangerous and has to be taken very seriously.

However, by claiming the food and correcting your dog each time he becomes locked on the food, you can redirect him... and overcome the dog's food aggression behavior problem.

Don't destroy an otherwise good dog. Solve the behavior problem instead!

Rena Murray

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

NEW Inner Circle 2.0 Pet Health and Pet Care Membership Launched With Extensive New Benefits and Fast Action Bonuses

What we've been waiting for is here!

Dr. Andrew Jones, an accomplished practicing veterinarian of 15 years, just launched his expanded, interactive, and comprehensive Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership with over 2654 Holistic Cat and Dog Health Tips, Natural Remedies, and effective techniques to treat your pet at home.

You can get your most burning pet health questions answered by Dr. Jones, receive his daily update Newsletter, and access all of his online products, extensive library, Q&A, Forum, and more. And now there are many additions to the already extensive Membership benefits. Trust me. You really do want to check this out!

The INNER CIRCLE 2.0 is literally unique - It's the ONLY resource of its kind, and it's being updated constantly. All the latest research results and recommendations for your dog health, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, tips for wellness, dog food to eat and dog food ingredients that are toxic, home recipes and supplements, dog vaccine research and recommended regimens, and more.

New MONTHLY Members-only Benefits - You will also hear from Dr. Jones and other pet experts on the most pressing cat and dog health issues monthly via CD delivered to your home - AND - you can submit your questions and attend his monthly live, interactive Webinar!

Through November 30th you can experience all that the INNER CIRCLE 2.0 has to offer for only $29.97 out-of-pocket AND get some incredible additional BONUSES (yours to keep even if you leave the Membership). So there's really no reason not to benefit from this!

ACT FAST - because the first 50 purchasers also get One-on-One Consultations with Dr. Jones.

There's much too much to even attempt to cover in a blog post, so get the full details of the vast benefits and your Membership here:
Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

As for me, I am an INNER CIRCLE MEMBER. Through this clearly presented, expert advice, I have been able to stop my dog's allergic skin reactions, ensure that he has the most healthful food, understand the vaccine regimen that's best for him, and diagnose and treat some minor ailments. Should a serious dog health emergency arise, I'm prepared!

Dr. Jones also provides understanding of some underlying causes of cat and dog behavior problems and how to treat them. This just might be an answer you need, in addition to dog behavior training and "dog whisper" leadership guidance. You always have to address the source of a dog behavior problem for lasting change to take place.

In any event, your dog's wellness and vitality have a lot to do with his dog behavior and happiness! And he depends on you to have this knowledge to save his life and ensure his wellbeing.

So become an Empowered Pet Owner on whom your dog can justly rely. Get your Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Rehabilitation -
What's The Hardest Part?

The hardest thing to learn in dog rehabilatation is that once the owner has returned, it is no longer in your hands.

That is hard to swallow. But I cannot become emotionally attached to every dog I work with to that point. Too often, you know the owners aren't really going to be consistent. That will cause the dog to go right back into his prior dog behavior problem habits, and be unhappy the rest of his life.

I would want to take the dog home ... but I would end up with way to many dogs!

If you're not providing 100% of what your dog needs, then you aren't giving him your best. If you rescued him, yes that's a nice beginning... but it's only a beginning. Are you going to confine him to a yard or house, so that all you've really done is take him from one kennel to a larger "kennel?" Then you wonder why he develops dog behavior problems?

Dogs are constant travellers. They are constantly walking or running, and it is an absolute necessity that they do it every day!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bucking Bronco Dog -
Recognize This Dog Behavior Problem?

No! No! NOOO!

That is the common reaction from people who are trying to walk a bucking bronco type dog. This dog behavior problem is not "Bad Dog behavior" as some would say, but a result of lack of exercise and discipline.

To handle it correctly, correct the dog each time he starts to buck. Then allow him to release himself (any stop or pause). Continue like that and he will calm down and you can move forward.

The whole point is to stay there until you get one hundred percent. If you ask for less than the best, you will never get it.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Correcting Dog Behavior Problem -
What Does CLAIM Something Mean? How Do I?

"My dog goes after my slippers," a client complained. "Help! How can I solve this dog behavior problem?"

ANSWER: You CLAIM your slippers!

You "claim" an item or an area to assert your authority over it - to let the dog know that it belongs first and foremost to YOU, the leader of the pack. The dog is not supposed to touch your property.

Likewise, if a dog soils an area of the carpet, part of your correction procedure involves "claiming" that spot as your own ... and the dog won't go there again. The dog is not supposed to cross the boundary into your space without your permission. This he understands instinctively, as it is powerful, silent dog pack language - sometimes called "dog whisper".

HOW do you claim something?

By stepping in front of it with your feet spread halfway between the military "Atten-hut!" and "At ease." Have your head and shoulders up confidently the entire time, and also be sure to maintain direct eye contact with your dog throughout this entire procedure.

Make the dog sit or lie down.

You keep standing there authoritatively, staring, until the dog turns away from you or moves away completely. That means she has surrendered. She now recognizes the item or the space as yours - that she is not supposed to go there without your express permission.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dog Humping and Dog Mounting Behavior -
Which is which?

Some people believe that a dog humping or dog mounting you is the same thing. In truth, it is not.

Dog humping is when a dog places himself under one's leg and lifts it in the air.

Dog mounting is when a dog places himself on the back or leg of another and continues to ride on it.

Although both are dog dominance issues that require professional help, dog mounting is the more serious dog behavior problem.

Dog humping is an attempt to embarrass and ridicule, while dog mounting is actually a challenge of one's position, a threat and claim of leadership. The dog is saying: "I am going to be the dominant one!"

For more information about dog humping and dog mounting behavior, see the Dog Dominance Behavior Articles by Rena Murray.

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