Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fabulous Free Pet Health Information - Did you miss this in my Paw Persuasion Pointers Newsletter?


Did you see my Paw Persuasion Pointers newsletters with this incredible pet health information from Dr. Andrew Jones?

These links will probably only work for a short time, as I expect this extensive FREE pet health information to be taken offline shortly (after his new course launches). So I wanted to make you you hadn't missed it. It's too vital to your dog's health!

So if you want to see any of the Fr*ee Pet Health Videos and Special Reports from Dr. Jones, you can find them here:

(1) How to Heal Your Pet on Video -

Excerpts from Demonstration DVDs, including:

* Healing Your Pets With Herbs,
* Healing With Acupressure,
* Healing Your Pets With Herbs, and
* Healing Your Pets With Homeopathy

(2) "Caring For A Sick Pet At Home" -
Dr. Jones' newest Special Report, PLUS
the "At Home Pet Health Exam"

(3) "The TRUTH Behind Veterinarians, Dog Vaccines, Diet and Disease" - Info in this Special Report could save your dog's life!

(4) Toxic People Food - Dr. Andrew Jones' Blog post on ALL the common People Foods
That are TOXIC to dogs and cats.

You might be surprised. There are some pretty common ones, from Grapes to Xylitol, even Apples.. and what do do IF your pet ingests ANY of these.

This is vital pet health information that you WON'T find anywhere other than on these pages. Make sure you get it while it's up.

Let's keep your dog healthy!

Rena Murray

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

First the Anniversary Sale
Pet Home Health Multimedia Course

Dr. Andrew Jones has added for the NEXT 2 DAYS a 4 PAY Option...If you want to get his Complete Pet Health Home Study Multimedia Course, here is the easiest way yet...

AND there are now EIGHT FREE Bonuses.

Dog and Cat FIRST AID on AUDIO

You should Check out the Bonuses. And I he's ADDED 1 NEVER RELEASED BONUS - The ENTIRE Cat and Dog FIRST AID SYSTEM on AUDIO. This is available to the FIRST 25 ... If you are even remotely thinking about my Course, then now is the time to ACT.

Until midnight on Friday (3/21) you can get the Complete
Home Study Multimedia Course for $100 OFF plus the EIGHT BONUSES.

Here's where you can grab your copy -

Complete Pet Health Home Study Multimedia Course for $100 off

This is class A, unique, invaluable pet health information. There's nothing like being an empowered pet owner. Your dog will thank you!

Rena Murray

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Pet Health Information
75% Off Special
Until Monday Night

I was excited to see this special. I have the material myself, and I know it's enabled many owners to save their pets' lives.

Until Monday night at midnight P.S.T. - February 25th - Dr. Andrew Jones is offering an unprecedented 75% Discount as a THANK YOU to subscribers of his award-winning "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" newsletter and for dog owners everywhere. So everyone can afford vital pet health information for a long, healthy life for their dogs and cats.

The Crisis?

Since the 1960's, there's been a marked increase in chronic illnesses in out pets, many diseases that were rare back then, and many of which involve a breakdown in the immune system. There have been increases in cancers and other deadly diseases, as well as a host of allergies and other unnecessary suffering. The list goes on and on. Find out more about these threats to your dog health here.

So Dr. Andrew Jones has compiled an extensive package of his best-selling "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" eBook, audios, and special reports that have previously been unavailable anywhere except with his comprehensive pet health home study course.

You can get this life-saving information at NO risk - with his unconditional 60-day guarantee.

Now it's up to you to become an EMPOWERED PET OWNER.


It could save your dog's life!

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Information On Inner Circle 2.0 - Only The Cost Of Shipping

I just received an email from Dr. Andrew Jones with this important new information on his INNER CIRCLE 2.0 MEMBERSHIP. Dr. Jones got together with his Webmaster and made a great change.

This modifies what I told you in the previous post in a GOOD way. You can get EVERYTHING in his NEW Pet Health Membership Site - PLUS a huge 2-hour DVD - essentially for FREE, for ONLY the COST OF SHIPPING - Less than 10 Bucks!

And you can get an ANNUAL Membership - which includes 12 CD`s or DVD`s, PLUS 12 Teleseminars, PLUS EVERY BIT of INVALUABLE Cat and Dog Health Information on his Inner Circle 2.0 - for a crazy low price.

But one bonus will be gone today - The first 50 First Movers get a Consultation with Dr Andrew Jones - so look at this NOW.

NEW Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership

Rena Murray
"Dog Whisper Woman"

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Veterinary Code" -
Free Pet Health Webinar -
Thursday, Aug. 23rd

You asked for it! In our poll on Dog Health Care Solutions on Squidoo, you told us that dog vaccines were your greatest dog health concern. And we told Dr. Jones.

So Dr. Andrew Jones is holding another free Cat and Dog Health Webinar:

Title: "The Veterinary Code"
Date: Thursday, August 23
Time: 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

This dog health webinar will be focused mainly on Cat and Dog Vaccines, but will also include other hot pet health topics: Cancer, Pet Food, and Supplements.

See details and sign up at The Veterinary Code Webinar.

This was just announced - and in less than a day, we already have over 200 people signed up! But if you miss the free webinar, go to the link later, when the video of this pet health webinar will be for sale.

But you really don't want to miss this hot discussion - the TRUTH about dog vaccines! Go here now to reserve your FREE position:

The Veterinary Code Webinar.

Rena Murray

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