Sunday, February 07, 2010

Whoa Dog! - On A Dog Walk

I was working a young puppy the other day. The dog was barely a year old but was striving to please. He was also over one hundred fifty pounds already and not yet fully grown.

Of course early training is an absolute necessity. I was walking only a mile with him to start, but it's important to build the distance you walk your dog with time.

He was pretty well in the groove of following and not pulling a human... that is, until a dog who was dragging her owner full speed behind her charged us!

I put him into a sit behind me and faced the approaching dog. Seeing that I was not intimidated, the dog went around us and continued to drag her owner. The woman said. "You should keep walking."

I did not respond since it was not I who was being dragged like a helpless sack of flour!

So what should you do out walking your dog when confronted with an unruly dog? Tell your dog what to do and then face the approaching dog like a soldier in the military. You are not looking for trouble, but you do own your space.

Rena Murray

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