Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Do You Correct Food Aggression In Dogs?

Dog food aggression... Has this happened to you?

"I need your help!"

I did not like the tone of Meg's voice at all. Her dog had clamped down on her hand when she was feeding her. I came the next day to assist her.

Food aggression is a very common problem in dogs. Very serious, indeed, when not nipped in the bud right away.

So what did we do?

First, when the dog fixated on the food, she was put on her lead and taken out of the room. When she was focused on her owner, she was allowed back in.

Next time we corrected her, she looked at her owner right away. The dog got the picture, and two days later the owner had the dog surrendering the food to her.

Rena Murray

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food Aggression in Dogs - It Can Be Solved

In most of the animal cop shows, a dog with any food aggression is put to sleep right away. I agree that this behavior is dangerous and has to be taken very seriously.

However, by claiming the food and correcting your dog each time he becomes locked on the food, you can redirect him... and overcome the dog's food aggression behavior problem.

Don't destroy an otherwise good dog. Solve the behavior problem instead!

Rena Murray

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Monday, March 09, 2009

What do I ask clients every time I get a new one?

The whole form is on my consult page. But, there is something I ask them after I finish helping them. I make sure they know what to do if a dog charges them on their walk. This prevents more dog bites than I will ever know. Even if you don't like dogs chances are you will come in contact with many in your life. Regardless of age or occupation dogs are here to stay and we all need to cope with them