Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog Separation Anxiety May Be Your Worst Nightmare

Today, I spoke with a woman in Alaska who had reached the end of her rope with her dog. He had such severe separation anxiety that he had eaten through the door, wall, and the couch. He had cost her two thousand dollars in damages since she got him two years before!

Her dog started fights with the biggest male he could find in a dog park, and had an endless amount of energy. But when she would leave, he would go under her bed and shake with severe anxiety.

I talked with her about how to lead him on walks. I recommended that she ski with him forty minutes twice a day. Plus I addressed controlling his food, and changing his diet. Not to mention a special massage that helps a dog relax.

One of the wisest things the owner did (although she didn't know it at the time)was that she purchased a young female puppy that was of a much lower energy than her male dog. Opposite sex dogs coexist best, and also, the lower level energy is very important. It helps the dog bond with another, find security, and come out of their shell.

Dogs are pack animals. They need each other...just as we humans need each other for companionship and development.

For those of you who have dogs with separation anxiety, be cautious in picking a second dog. A dog who is too excited, dominant, aggressive, or fearful is going to turn your chaos into a tornado!