Monday, May 25, 2009

Service Dogs

One of my dearest friends is down visiting me for a week. We have been close for about ten years now. I was also pleased to see her guide dog again as well. Once, when I was out with them, I started to fall off a very steep step and Copper pushed me forward so that I was able to stand back up.

I love to observe any kind of service animal at work. However, I am careful to never distract or talk to the dog. The dog may become excited and pull on his handler in order to meet me. I speak to the handler and not the dog. I never ask what their disability is, but I do ask if they would be willing to share with me what their dog does for them, and if I could help them with something.

Please do not distract assistance dogs in any way. You may accidently cause harm to an innocent person.


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