Monday, April 28, 2008

Frequent Dog Bathing?

In my opinion, bathing a dog weekly is a must.

Of course, you should use an oatmeal based shampoo if possible. Otherwise a NEEM shampoo with coconut oil does a good job. These are good for the skin and keep it from drying out. Not to mention the shiny coat.

This helps reduce pet allergies and misery, pet dander, rainy day dog odor, and general pet stink.

I tried following the once-a-month rule in bathing my dog. She was very dirty by the end of the month, and her odor was still bad despite the scrubbing. Sometimes it seemed worse, sort of like wet wool. But now when we went to weekly bathing.

Rena Murray

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Have a Jake?

If I were given a choice, I would say the hyper and excited dogs are the hardest to change. These are often dogs who seem to be nonstop 24/7. Once I worked with one who nearly tested my patience to the limit. It seemed like he had eaten jet fuel!

"Frustration does not work," I told myself, correcting the Jack Russell yet again. I had run him thirty minutes on the bike behind me. Then just as suddenly as Jake had been having his resistances, he relaxed completely. I asked many more things of Jake, from mental challenge to basic commands. He was eager to please, and did so without hesitation.

Not giving up and pressing on brings the results you want. The best thing to remember is that a dog has to change what he is doing at some point. And, stay there until you accomplish 100%, no less. If you stop at less, you keep less.

Rena Murray

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Abandoned Pets - Better Alternatives In The Foreclosure Crisis

Plea to Pet Owners –
If you are facing foreclosure, do NOT abandon your pet!

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) urges homeowners facing foreclosure not to abandon their pets or to drop them outside a veterinary clinic. After all, your pet loves and trusts you, and you have a responsibility for its welfare. It is not an inanimate object that you can just discard.

So pursue the alternatives. Turn instead to humane organizations or ask your vet for advice. Who knows? He may even have a client who would want your beloved pet!

"Frequently asked questions about pets and foreclosed homes"
Click on "Issues" and then look under "Animal Welfare."

An increasing number of pets are being found in foreclosed homes, some while they are still healthy, but others starving, ill, dying, or already dead...apparently waiting for the owner to return. Don't let that happen to your pet!

If you lose your home and must stay in a place where animals are not allowed, the FAQ provided by AVMA suggests ways you might find someone - a friend, family member, or someone through an internet search, social network postings, or veterinary bulletin boards - to either foster your pet until you find more suitable housing, or to adopt your pet and give it the kind of home it deserves.

You'll sleep better knowing your faithful friend is well taken care of!

As a last resort, there are rescue organizations and NO-KILL shelters that can help find your pet a loving home.

Understand that euthanasia is a possibility at many shelters, such as the Humane Society, if the right family doesn't stumble upon your pet fast enough - but even there, it stands a better chance of adoption than in an empty house.

Again, AVMA has shelter suggestions, and you can check out more in your local Yellow Pages and through a Google search as well. Look for NO KILL!

The Escondido Humane Society (California) encourages you to plan early if you are a pet owner who is facing potential relocation. Then you have a chance to look for animal-friendly housing, and to seek out family and friends to take in your pet temporarily until you are on your feet.

Advance planning also lets you find no-kill shelters within a reasonable driving distance. (Your dog would go miles for you, so won't you go miles to save it's life?)


If you are not one who is facing foreclosure, why not help alleviate the pain of this crisis? Shelters across North America are all short of funds - which means more dogs and cats are put down. They need you!

And your own pet needs for you to be an empowered pet owner caring for his health and welfare. That's what our friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, has done for us with his pet health care manual, home study course, and membership site (where everything is available online, you can ask questions, and much more).

I was excited to learn that before the end of April, Dr. Jones is donating 10% of all sales to the Second Chance Animal Shelter near him, which he supports regularly. And a great way to get started is to check out his pet health membership site with a fr*e*e trial -- I'm in it!

Let's save our pets!

Rena Muray

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Your Dog Bites Someone For No Reason

If your dog bites someone for no reason...
What should you do?

Get help from a dog behaviorist right away. The laws about dangerous dogs are very strictly enforced.

Don't misunderstand me. There are insane dogs here and there. Those should indeed be euthanized. But I just hate to see dogs that could be rehabilitated have no quality of life from dire restrictions of be put to death. The safety of people always comes first with me though.

Rena Murray

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Abandoned Pets

With the outrageous increase in taxes, it is not surprising that foreclosures are on the rise. There has also been an untold number of pets abandoned in these homes.

I know that sometimes things are not in your control to keep your animal in times such as this. My Grandfather fought in WW2 and lived in Japan for some time. While there, he was given an Akita.

But Granddaddy was not allowed to bring the dog back to this country (back then it wasn't allowed), and no one would take him. So he had to be put to sleep. As awful as that is, it is better than him joining a wild pack of dogs or starving to death.

Please take your pet somewhere if you cannot keep it. Never abandon your friend.

Rena Murray

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