Sunday, March 30, 2008

DOGS vs CATS - Debate on Squidoo

It's hot, it's new, it's fun for you.
A new "MonkeyBrain" debate lens on Squidoo.
DOGS vs CATS - Dogs Rule!

My friend, Margaret, created this fun debate page on March 16th as part of a small contest. If you visit before 3/31, you can help her win, so don't delay. Afterwards, you can still help her on the way to "Lens of the Day" on Squidoo.

How good are you at debate? Want to have your say, why you think dogs are the best pets? (Or, gasp, why you think cats are better than dogs!)

Read what others have to say on each side of the dogs and cats argument, famous quotes to which you can add your own, great dog and cat links - and again, you can add your own! - YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Amazon dog and cat videos, a poll, and more.

So come and play, and help Margaret along the way!

See you there,

Rena Murray

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tainted Dog Food Alert - NutroMax

I just received this shocking notice from Ginny Rodgers of

"NutroMax is now killing animals who are being fed the food, and the company is not acknowledging it. PLEASE pass this along to all rescues...."

See - - - Customers tell their recent experiences with Nutro dog food products and how the company did / did not respond.

Read and decide for yourself. Be aware.


This is yet another reason we do NOT buy dog food from grocery stores, pet stores, etc. I order (fast, free delivery) the TRUSTED all-natural, human-grade, fresh, "pure," nutritious Flint River Wellness Dog Food for my Gatsby!

Rena Murray

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter According To A Lab

When I was growing up, I used to spend some Easters with my Grandparents like most children will. My sister and I were getting a bit old for egg hunting, so we wanted to make this last one special.

Grandmother counted the eggs carefully and made note of where she hid each one. Boy do rotten eggs smell! (A few Easters before, we found out the hard way. So the noting and counting were official rules of the Easter egg hunts from then on.)

We were also caring for a friend's Black Lab who had to stay inside during the egg hunt, because she would eat the eggs as fast as she found them.

This time, we found all the eggs except for one. Unaware that one egg was yet to be found, Grandfather released the Lab. She located and sallowed the missing egg before we could blink. She had bitten off the shell perfectly into near equal halves on the ground, and thanked us with a very satisfied burp!

We all agreed that since dogs could not have Easter baskets, she should surely be given a couple of eggs!

With our Grandparents' permission given, we wished the dog Happy Easter, and each peeled an egg for her.

Happy Easter to you and yours,

Rena Murray

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Rena Murray

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Rena Murray

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