Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please Help Me!

That's right everybody! I am working on material that will become a book. I will answer up to 101 questions on Dog Behavior. What would you like to know?


Blogger weston said...


Our problems are two fold. Our dog is 1/2 border collie 1/2 unknown and about 17 months old. We've never had either of the two below behavior problems with our other border collies once they reached the one year mark.

Problem 1. The hyper crazy dog syndrome. This dog won't stop. She runs full speed around the house careening into walls, people, furniture etc. Nothing we have tried seems to work. We've tried months of formal obedience training, we've tried long regular walks of several miles, we've tried full speed exercising in our fenced back yard ,we've tried ignoring her and not giving her attention, we've tried giving her some basic commands (which she knows and obeys under normal and calmer circumstances). Nothing can seem to make this dog calm down. We can't even put her unattended in the fenced back yard to calm down since she rips up banana plants, bushes, and small trees that we've planted.

Second one is the jumping on furniture and/or counters. Again we've had many border collies and they have always gotten the idea by the time they are 1 year old. Our current dog continues the behavior despite all efforts to correct it.

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Blogger Rena Murray said...

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