Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do I Practice What I Preach?

My Grandmother asked me some days ago if I walk my dog with the same discipline as I tell my clients to. I explained to her that unless it is storming violently outside, that dog is run twice a day. I make the time because I took the responsibility of adopting him.

It has poured rain many days this month and has rarely stopped. But my boy has not missed one run. I am just assuring all of you that I talk the talk, and in this case, run the run!

By the way, I had four dogs staying with me for more than three weeks. Nobody missed any of their two outings per day each... and did I ever get wet!

Their ears had to be cleaned every day go make sure no water got trapped in there. They had to be dried, and some of them re-brushed each time...

You get the idea... Lots of work!

But walking a dog and basic dog care cannot be skipped...

Rena Murray

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