Friday, November 30, 2007

Help! Dog Barking! It's A Monster!

The nasty, hysterical dog barking and yapping could be heard from some distance. I frowned as I watched the small dog's owner softly saying, "No, No now, don't do that." He was petting the dog and trying to hold it back.

The little dog was getting more and more angry, and strained increasingly hard on the leash. Gatsby rolled his eyes and looked at me respectfully. I knew the man well, and he had also come to see that my boy was a gentle giant. The dogs smelled one another, and the situation was calm.

I did not tell this owner because he and his wife are not receptive to any help. But the truth is, a little dog behaving aggressively like that is very likely to be attacked at some point. Dog Aggression is not cute. Even from a pint sized dog.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

She Can Dog Whisper!

A dear friend of mine, a Dog Behavior Consultant, was asked by one of her clients why she started getting into the Dog Whisper Method.

She said, "At the start, I did everything wrong. We grew up with dogs being treated as our kids. So I did it that way. I realized that I was doing things wrong when my Cocker Spaniel bit my mother in the face."

Stacey has a lot of experience, and I learn a lot from her just from one conversation. Over time she has shared with me some of her toughest cases, including a nasty Maltese, a Pit Bull Dog who wanted to kill her, a crazy-with-fear German Shepherd Mix, and a 120 lb. people-mounting Rottweiller.

Stacey Hulen is located in South Carolina. You can learn more about her on her site -

I recommend Stacey because I respect her... and she knows how to Dog Whisper!

Good work, Stacey!

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Why Did I Learn To Dog Whisper?

Obviously, I've always been passionate about dogs and learning all I could. But the real reason that I wanted to learn this - how to really communicate with a dog in its own dog body language, to dog whisper - was because some members of my family had some really out-of-control dogs that were simply not respectful of people.

My grandfather's Border Collie and Australian Shepherd were totally balanced, awesome dogs. They were workers. But after both of them had died, my grandparents got a little spoiled wretch of a Cocker Spaniel, Candy.

Candy hated everyone except my grandfather. She owned him! She made it clear by bearing her teeth, especially at my grandmother, and blocking her access to him.

Then the highlight struck. She peed on me!

I took a deep breath, then removed her by the scruff of her neck, and forced her into a sitting position on the floor. I planted that little butt down firmly! (Not hurting her, of course, but I meant business.)

Then I sent her away, not fully recognizing that my body language was perfect to do so. Candy's head and ears went down. She had crossed the boundary, and she knew it.

My grandfather was stunned. He had never seen Candy submit to anything. "You have a way with her," he told me later in private.

"Granddaddy, Candy's not very nice. She's really going to bite someone. And if that someone ends up being Granny. . ."

Granddaddy chuckled, nodding.

A child of nine, I did not know that day that my decision of how to direct my life had been set in stone. I wanted to stop dogs from controlling people in a way that the dogs understood, and that did not harm them. My dream was to become a true pack leader.

I saw so many dogs who had basic dog obedience down, but who were still nasty little wretches. That's when I realized that dog obedience training was not enough. I saw the expressions of disdain in dogs' eyes as owners exclaimed over them. And I saw how other dogs would handle the situation, cleanly and finally.

The years of exposure to the horse whisper, wolf pack ways, and myriad dogs. . . It all came together with the Dog Whisper.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Can You Kill A Dog With Love?

Is it possible to destroy a dog with love?

Yes, I recently worked with a couple who owned a fine Blood Hound with unbelievable abilities. She had tracking skills beyond most dogs who were trained to do it. She was able to detect scents without any prompt and could have saved hundreds of lives.

She could even detect a human scent in making bubbles and making the scent surface... an extremely rare thing for a dog to be able to do, and incredibly valuable!


She was confined to a small yard, rarely walked, and viewed by her family as a "person." When she was in the house, she had no rules and was allowed to do exactly as she pleased. They bribed her with treats to make her do anything... Even to get off of the couch.

Lack of boundaries, lack of leadership, lack of discipline, lack of exercise, lack of purpose...

This free rein treatment, boredom, and almost constant confinement turned this beautiful Blood Hound nasty, as I warned them it would.

She mauled her master's hand without warning.

For those of you who think you can still treat your dog like a child and it will be okay, think about this.

So as you see, you can kill a dog with love.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

P.S. I was informed after the fact. So unnecessary.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Information On Inner Circle 2.0 - Only The Cost Of Shipping

I just received an email from Dr. Andrew Jones with this important new information on his INNER CIRCLE 2.0 MEMBERSHIP. Dr. Jones got together with his Webmaster and made a great change.

This modifies what I told you in the previous post in a GOOD way. You can get EVERYTHING in his NEW Pet Health Membership Site - PLUS a huge 2-hour DVD - essentially for FREE, for ONLY the COST OF SHIPPING - Less than 10 Bucks!

And you can get an ANNUAL Membership - which includes 12 CD`s or DVD`s, PLUS 12 Teleseminars, PLUS EVERY BIT of INVALUABLE Cat and Dog Health Information on his Inner Circle 2.0 - for a crazy low price.

But one bonus will be gone today - The first 50 First Movers get a Consultation with Dr Andrew Jones - so look at this NOW.

NEW Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership

Rena Murray
"Dog Whisper Woman"

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NEW Inner Circle 2.0 Pet Health and Pet Care Membership Launched With Extensive New Benefits and Fast Action Bonuses

What we've been waiting for is here!

Dr. Andrew Jones, an accomplished practicing veterinarian of 15 years, just launched his expanded, interactive, and comprehensive Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership with over 2654 Holistic Cat and Dog Health Tips, Natural Remedies, and effective techniques to treat your pet at home.

You can get your most burning pet health questions answered by Dr. Jones, receive his daily update Newsletter, and access all of his online products, extensive library, Q&A, Forum, and more. And now there are many additions to the already extensive Membership benefits. Trust me. You really do want to check this out!

The INNER CIRCLE 2.0 is literally unique - It's the ONLY resource of its kind, and it's being updated constantly. All the latest research results and recommendations for your dog health, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, tips for wellness, dog food to eat and dog food ingredients that are toxic, home recipes and supplements, dog vaccine research and recommended regimens, and more.

New MONTHLY Members-only Benefits - You will also hear from Dr. Jones and other pet experts on the most pressing cat and dog health issues monthly via CD delivered to your home - AND - you can submit your questions and attend his monthly live, interactive Webinar!

Through November 30th you can experience all that the INNER CIRCLE 2.0 has to offer for only $29.97 out-of-pocket AND get some incredible additional BONUSES (yours to keep even if you leave the Membership). So there's really no reason not to benefit from this!

ACT FAST - because the first 50 purchasers also get One-on-One Consultations with Dr. Jones.

There's much too much to even attempt to cover in a blog post, so get the full details of the vast benefits and your Membership here:
Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

As for me, I am an INNER CIRCLE MEMBER. Through this clearly presented, expert advice, I have been able to stop my dog's allergic skin reactions, ensure that he has the most healthful food, understand the vaccine regimen that's best for him, and diagnose and treat some minor ailments. Should a serious dog health emergency arise, I'm prepared!

Dr. Jones also provides understanding of some underlying causes of cat and dog behavior problems and how to treat them. This just might be an answer you need, in addition to dog behavior training and "dog whisper" leadership guidance. You always have to address the source of a dog behavior problem for lasting change to take place.

In any event, your dog's wellness and vitality have a lot to do with his dog behavior and happiness! And he depends on you to have this knowledge to save his life and ensure his wellbeing.

So become an Empowered Pet Owner on whom your dog can justly rely. Get your Inner Circle 2.0 - Pet Health and Pet Care Membership.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safe?

Most of us prefer to eat our turkey and then our ice cream on Thanksgiving. Right? After all, you really should have a real meal instead of eating dessert in lieu of it.

As Thanksgiving is drawing near, I was thinking today about one of the first books I learned to read. It was a very short story among many others about dogs. This dog was ultra determined to eat the Turkey that his master had prepared for Thanksgiving dinner.

And what a chaotic time they had keeping him out of it! But somehow in the end, they managed to drive the dog and the Turkey all the way to Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, the dog was hogtied!

This is why it is important to work with your dog on this common problem of dog stealing food. You need to "claim it" and show him it's yours. Otherwise, it might not be there when you come back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Is With This Dog?

"My dog will not take a treat, and she used to love these!"

I watched as the woman offered him the dog treats, and he completely avoided them. His eyes were darting around constantly, and he was panting a bit.

"When a dog is nervous or obsessive, he is not going to eat. In order for him to eat, he needs to relax." The blank stare I was getting told me all I needed to know.

I took the dog for a walk to make him comfortable with me. I gave him a little water and a pinch of food, since he was not hot.

Each time he became unsure, I made him look at me. This way he was forced to focus on something other than fear.

The woman tried what I suggested to overcome his nervous dog behavior. Now she has no trouble getting her dog to finish his dog treats.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad Dog Behavior - Or Is It?

Having been around dogs all my life, I stress the importance of listening to and paying attention to your dog. Especially if your dog does a behavior that is out of his character, a bad dog behavior.

I read a story of a woman who had a Black Lab, who was very gentle, and never harmed a living thing. He also was just the "average Joe" pet, and had not received any special training.

One day she sat on the couch. Her dog came up and began nudging her breast frantically. She pushed him away in annoyance, and told him "No!" The more she resisted, the harder he pushed. . . And then, he bit her!

The woman had a doctor's appointment scheduled. She went into the appointment, and the doctor examined where the dog bit her. He recommended a biopsy. Sure enough, the results came back POSITIVE. . . directly in the place where her loyal friend had bitten her.

He was trying to tell her something was wrong, but she had not listened to his warnings. So he took action and MADE her listen.

I pay a lot of attention to my dog's signals. Of course, he gets corrected when he is clowning around instead of listening to me. But here have been a couple of times already when he has refused to listen to me because he is trying to help me.

So please, pay attention to out-of-character behavior. It just might not be bad dog behavior. It just might save your life!

Rena Murray

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

How To Solve Dog Separation Anxiety?

Don't you just hate that piercing howling, constant whining, or unceasing barking from dog separation anxiety? I couldn't live with it, your neighbors shouldn't have to, and neither should you.

But there's a way to stop that dog behavior problem by addressing the underlying cause - the separation anxiety itself. And it's done with dog crate training. Yes, even crate training an older dog.

Find out how with my step-by-step guide for crate training your dog. I just published it under the title: "How To Solve Separation Anxiety With Dog Crate Training." Get it for free on the Dog Behavior Articles page of

If you are calm, consistent, and follow the steps in the article, then you can accomplish your dog crate training in relatively short order and put an end to your dog separation anxiety problem.

Need a good dog crate? Check out the selection on the Dog Kennels and Carriers page of One of my decorator friend's favorites is this Resin Wicker Dog Crate. Click the image to find out more.

Wicker Dog Crate at PetStreetMall

If you want more help, contact me for a Consultation. You'll see the questions you should address, my rates, and contact information there. Then we can move forward quickly to solve your problem once and for all.

Rena Murray

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

What Makes A Good Dog Trainer?

I read something last night that absolutely cracked me up. It was a story by another professional dog trainer that addressed an issue I also deal with constantly.

A friend his dog knew, a former dog owner related to a dog breeder, approached his dog in her Halloween costume. The dog freaked out and warned her with his body posture, "back off." The dog trainer warned her, "Stop, you idiot. You're going to get bitten."

But she continued moving toward that dog even when he gave his warning lunge, saying, "He knows me." Well, she ended up being pinned in the corner...

There are those who breed dogs that believe this makes them an expert "dog trainer." Breeding dogs may make you an expert on the dog breed, its tendencies, its looks... that kind of stuff. But it no more makes you an expert dog trainer than owning a dog does. Thousands of people all over the world have dogs that are completely out of control.

Degrees don't really make you an expert, either. A degree comes through studying and fulfilling some requirements.

So what really makes you a "professional?"

EXPERIENCE. And genuine insight.

Dog trainers are not created equal, and many don't really know what they are doing. You don't need to be letting someone handle your dog who goes strictly by the book. Or anyone who believes that every dog is the same. All dogs must be respected and treated as INDIVIDUALS.

By the way, guys, I walked into a hospital a few months ago. I did not come out a doctor.

Rena Murray

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