Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going to the Dogs!

So, you know you cannot stop a dog from barking, because yours never stops.

He also seems to make you believe that house training a dog is impossible. One mark from him wets the whole floor... or even worse, the carpet.

You can't stop a dog from chewing, or stop a dog from digging, either. Your beautiful garden is gone, and your brand new $300 glasses are barely recognizable. They disappeared from the bedside table, so how did their remains show up in the yard?

Why you have to shut him outside, because no one can stop this dog from jumping on people. Friends just started staying away...

The point here is that you need to get help from a professional involved before things get way out of control. Call someone when you see a problem. Please don't wait until your home has gone to the dogs!

Rena Murray

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dogs on the Titanic

A lot of people are aware that there were many dogs on Titanic. Only two survived. One of them performed an heroic act that night that saved many lives.

Reginel was either Lightoller or Murdock's dog. He was in the freezing water for many hours, and yet he managed to swim ahead and bring the Carpathia to the life boats.

There were many heroic acts done in selflessness that night. Titanic should never be forgotten because of the many things that we learn from it. Always be prepared. Nothing made by man is infallible. You have no guarantee of your next day.

Titanic was made to resemble Versailles. It was over 800 feet in length, and had four elevators - one in second class, three in first. She was licensed to carry 3500 people.

I learned all this and a whole lot more on the site link here. There are fascinating photos of different angles inside and out of Titanic. Why, there's even a copy of the first class menu and the wine they drank the last night. Check it out.

Rena Murray

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dr. Dog Wildfire Victim -
Your Win-Win Opportunity To Help

Raging fires in Southern California... over 900,000 people evacuated from their houses... and it's struck home.

Early Monday morning, October 22nd, our friend Dr. Dennis Fetko, "Dr. Dog", received a reverse 911 call. He quickly left his home of decades with his dogs, cat, and only the clothes on his back. What he found on Wednesday was just rubble where he home once stood.

You may not have seen anything we have written about this fabulously effective man. His dog behavior training methods are among the few with which I agree almost completely. They are based on solid research with thousands of dogs and years of hands-on experience, not on a whim, fancy, or opinion. He KNOWS his stuff!

So for years, around the world Dr. Dog has been the "go-to guy" for police K9 trainers, Veterinary Associations, animal rescue shelters, as an expert witness in dog bite legal cases, interviews on television shows like "20/20," and distressed dog owners.

But a terrible, crippling accident in 1992 made it impossible for him to continue rugged hands-on work. So what to do with all that incredible dog behavior training knowledge?

Dr. Dog solves dog behavior problemsDr. Dog decided to write about "talkin' dog" - for quick, easy, even fun ways to get rid of your dog behavior problems… to communicate to him what you want him to do... and to make him WANT to do it! It's great material that will help YOU.

Since my dog behavior training book is not yet finished, I can say unequivocally that Dr. Dog's is absolutely the best 150+ page dog instruction on the internet or anywhere! Better than Cesar Milan's and other top dog training names on the internet. Solid and effective… and fun!

So help yourself and help Dr. Dog at the same time. For the lowest price on the internet - $29.97 - you can get the best dog behavior material on the internet. It's a win-win proposition! Read more on this link and ACT FAST. He needs the help, and YOU need the help.

To find out more and to order, go here:
===> Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Dog Behavior Solutions

ACT NOW - We are giving 100% of our October affiliate commissions to Dr. Dog, to step in and help a friend and to provide disaster relief!

ACT NOW - Effective November 1st, the price will be raised to $39. So get your copy now to avoid paying a 33% increase!

This is still the best current buy on the internet. It's longer, with more real content beyond just elementary dog obedience training, than the most marketed dog training product on the web!

Contributions are welcome, too...
Make your checks payable to

Dr. Dennis Fetko
P.O. Box 28176
San Diego, CA 92198

Thank you!

Rena Murray

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Important Is It To Love Your Dog?

How important is it to love your dog?

I was amazed to be asked that question by a client. If you do not love the dog, do not have him. Dogs have feelings, and they are living creatures.

I have an incredible bond with my Border Collie, and I love him dearly.

Rena Murray

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dog Dominance Behavior - Are You Kidding Me?

Can you believe it? Someone who claimed to be an expert on Dog Dominance wrote this in an article. He said that if your dog is dominant over another dog, you should feed, pet, and walk your dog first. The claim was that it would reassure your dog if you give him extra attention and make him first! Then he would be at ease with the other dog.

Rongo, Bongo! This will only reinforce his dog dominance behavior, not change it. It's the same as with children - Preferential treatment will only cause jealousy! Your dog needs to know right away that if you bring the other dog in, it's because you want to. And you have the authority to.

It doesn't mean you don't still love your dog. You can pet WHO you want, WHEN you want. You can take a walk with one when you want to, and you can feed or treat one when you want. YOU are the leader. That's the way it is in the wild.

Your life doesn't suddenly get rearranged so that you are walking on eggshells around this dog. He may not be happy with the new dog at first, but he needs to deal with it. Your attitude is not mean, but more matter-of-fact: "This is how it is, because this is how I want it to be."

The dogs must become a pack for things to work out. Equal treatment and affection are critical items in the matter.

Rena Murray

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Friday, October 19, 2007

What Training Method Is Best For Your Dog?

How do you decide what training method is best for your dog? That is a hard thing for some people. There's no shortage on dog training books, dog training DVDs, and how-to-train-your-dog methods. There's actually a shortage on understanding the differences, and the proper use and the appropriate use of each method.

For example, just about anyone can put a choke chain on. But very few people actually know how to put it on right, and how to correct right.

It's kind of like clicker training - where people click to say reward is coming. (There's virtually no correction with clicker training.) Everybody knows that in this method of dog training, they click and then give the dog a piece of food when it does a good behavior. But what they fail to look for is the right dog body language along with the behavior before they give the food. The dog is learning no mental challenge from this. Simply, if I do this one behavior, I get a treat - and it doesn't matter whether I respect and surrender to my pack leader or not.

I personally do not agree with positive reinforcement training. However, when it is the best method for the particular animal, I put aside my personal preferences and do it.

I don't like to give animals rewards for doing things - Because the right thing should be done simply because it's the right thing! Your dog should be performing because he loves you and respects you, solely in response to your incredible bond.

Otherwise it's bribery. The dog should never perform simply because he's expecting the reward. Rather, you give rewards at times to express your pleasure, not on a predictable schedule.

I give my dog affection at times to encourage him when I want something done, and plenty of treats at my discretion. But when I meet the unique dog that is not responding to what I normally do, I spend the time to find out whatever it will take to rehabilitate that dog - And I DO IT!

So you see, training a dog is about what is best for the dog!

Rena Murray

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dog Dominance Behavior - What Are Some Symptoms?

What Are Some Symptoms Of Dog Dominance Behavior?

- Marking in the house

- Refusing to move out of your way

- Stealing your food

- Peeing On your bed

- Pooping on your bed

- Refusing to obey commands that he knows well

- Growling at you

- Snapping at you

- Biting you

- Stealing your clothes

- Blocking your access to furniture or something else you want

- Guarding food or toys

Of course there's more where that came from. These are the common symptoms that people sometimes miss. More often than not I just hear, "That's the way the dog is."

That is dog dominance behavior. Until you accept what something is, you can't take care of it.

Rena Murray

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's the Scoop on Poop?

I was asked: "Why shouldn't a dog be allowed to eat his own poop? And what does it mean?"

First off, to us, that's nasty! It's enough to gross most people ... (guess) ... right out your door.

Dogs shouldn't be allowed to eat poop because, think about it: Fecal matter has eColi in it. Dog eats poop. Dog eats floor. Dog eats counter. You licks counter. You get sick. EColi could be all over your house and you don't even know it. That's deadly, people!

What does it mean when your dog is eating his own poop? It either means:
(1) Poor nutrition, or
(2) He was neglected by his breeder, left alone, and his poop was the only thing to eat.

And by the way, your dog is not trying to hide from you the fact that he went. He's also not afraid of the possibility of predators. (Fear of predators would be shown by rolling in it.) Dogs cover their poop with tons of leaves and grass to mask the scent. The helpless pups are the only ones they clean up after by eating poop so the predators don't find them.

Okay, so what has now become the priority? This is totally gross. How do we stop it?

Feed your dog some pineapple. Every night, right after his dinner. That makes poop taste REALLY bad, and he won't want to eat it any more.

There's also the option of taking him outside, letting him do his business, and then honking a child's bike horn when he tries to eat it. Obviously, let the dog do his business in peace. If you honk the horn before he's finished, you're likely to make him afraid to go outside.

You can also just simply grab the leash and go, after he has finished doing his business. Or clean it up each time he goes to the bathroom.

If my dog had this problem of eating poop ... personally, I think I'd go the pineapple route. I love fresh pineapple, so this would give me an excuse to have it on hand all the time. It also would get rid of a very big thorn in my side!

Rena Murray

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dog Training - The Rule is...

In training a dog, one of the key rules is to remember that dogs do things in life a step at a time. And they finish the task at hand before they try to do something else.

The speed of your training is not important. What matters is if your dog will obey you when distractions he really likes are around.

If your friend's dog is off leash at six months and yours at a year? So what! You can depend on him then. There's all this competition about how fast it can be done. It's about doing it RIGHT, not doing it fast. That is all that matters.

Rena Murray

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Brownie the Shelter Dog

I give full credit to Animal Planet for this story.

Brownie the Shelter Dog was a chocolate Labrador Retriever who looked as though she may face euthanasia. No one seemed to want her. She was rather thin and carried the scars of past neglect. But one man saw some potential in her that would save many lives. He took her for the training she would require.

Brownie soared through the requirements to be a bomb sniffing dog. She was soon paired with a bomb technician who matched her eagerness to work.

Officer Jackie renamed Brownie "JJ." Jackie had a dream to have a canine partner, because she knew their great value. She took some tips from a friend of hers that had a bomb sniffing dog. (The friend's dog did not like her and growled. Some dogs only like their handlers.)

Obviously, to become a team, Jackie and JJ had to undergo rigorous training, working very closely together. But once Jackie learned to run in front of JJ and to keep her ambition in check just a little bit more, they made a top bomb sniffing team!

Most dogs who don't work out in families can do exceptionally well in some of these life-or-death jobs. Sadly for people and animals both, too many such dogs are euthanized and never given the chance!

Rena Murray

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Walking A Dog - Focus Is The Principal Thing!

When you are on your daily walks with your dog - or in my case, it's runs - your dog needs to be your primary focus.

Of course you need to be aware of your surroundings. But if your friend says "hello" to you, and your dog wants to say "hi" to her dog, do NOT answer her until your dog is under control.

Dogs learn very quickly to take advantage of any situation where you're not paying attention. Two dogs trying to play with each other on leash is really not something you want to be in the middle of!

For example, this morning I was running Gatsby when my neighbor walked by with her two Shelties. He REALLY loves them! And it was very hard on him when they gave him an invitation to play.

My neighbor said "hello." I did not even look at her or respond until Gatsby was completely under control again. I kept my eyes on him.

So if you are worried about being rude, explain to people later. When you are walking a dog, your focus is the principal thing.

Rena Murray

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Grab The Scruff To Stop Dog Behavior Problems?

Hyper Sparky has some dog behavior problems. Now he's about to rush out an open door toward the busy road. Act fast!

Important! - Grab him by the scruff of the neck to remove or correct him.

Never grab a dog by the collar. Even an excited puppy can accidentally nip your hand if it's on the collar instead of the scruff. Any startled or angry dog would!

The scruff makes it impossible for the dog to whip around. It's also a natural touch from "mom" saying "we're going somewhere."

Just imagine if you were going to break up a serious dog fight. The dog bite would be worse on us than it would be on the other dog. They have fur for protection, and we do not.

Please remember this rule!

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Shelter Dog In Adopt-a-Dog Month?

October is "Adopt a Dog Month". I am personally all for adopting a shelter dog so long as the shelter has a reputation that can be trusted. I have the skills to evaluate dogs, and I know how to read dog body language to see what the dog is telling me about himself. But most potential adopters do not.

Meeting with the family who fostered the dog is important. So is speaking with any previous owners the dog has had.

I also strongly recommend NOT getting a new puppy as a gift or a surprise for a family member. Especially on holidays or birthdays, as there is a frenzy of activity that make scare the new pup.

Before you bring home a new puppy or older dog, you should sit down and determine all rules for the dog. Inconsistency really causes a lot of dog behavior problems.

You also need to research your dog breed of choice well and be sure you can handle it's care needs. Walks, grooming, etc. A dog is not a toy that you can play with when you wish. It is a serious commitment.

The truth is that many dogs were abandoned for one of two reasons:

1. The owner no longer wants the responsibility, or
2. Extreme dog behavior problems.

You need to know which it is before you give your heart to that cute shelter dog or playful pup.

It's also good to agree that "I am going to try this shelter dog for two to four weeks before committing." Sometimes, the full extent of dog behavior problems doesn't show up at first, and most owners might miss the subtle symptoms. Explicitly stating and enforcing this "trial period" will help prevent heartbreak, for we people tend to form serious emotional attachments to our furry friends very quickly!

Consider this. Everyone loves to watch Beethoven and Turner and Hooch, but it's not cute at all when it's YOUR house!

Rena Murray

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Keep A Trained Dog On Leash?

Even though my dog is well trained, I am a firm believer in having a leash on him during our daily walks. Why?

Cars do not always stop even when your dog does. It only takes one moment for disaster to strike!

Remember, even a well trained dog might have just one little slip, when he just can't resist chasing that squirrel who jumps out to tease him... at the wrong moment, when the only car on the street is just passing...

My friend's well trained Lab died that way. A door blew open, and a fresh run across the property was just too enticing. Only that harmless chase led across the street. Sure, she made it safely one way. But when she saw her puppy sitter racing to get her, she ran toward him ... SMASH!

It was horrible. The only car on the street at the time ... the wrong time ... and it was too late. She died long before she made it to the vet. Two years old and beautiful, so full of life ...

You just never know when the unexpected can happen. So don't take a chance with your beloved pet. Keep even a trained dog on leash when walking or running along roadsides or in any risky situation.

Rena Murray

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