Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dog Whisper - Dog Whispering - What Is It Really?

There is a lot of confusion out there on what "Dog Whispering" and "Dog Whisper" really are and how to apply this approach.

I just wrote an article explaining this. Digg it at Ezine Articles:
Rena Murray - Expert Author - Dog Whisper Trainer
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Articles by Dog Whisper Trainer - Rena Murray.

Article Title -
Popular Topic That 'Dog Whisper' - But What Is Dog Whispering Really?

Want more on the topic? Visit my new site -
Dog Whisper With Rena - Dog Behavior Training and Dog Obedience to Shout About! - on Squidoo

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So visit my Dog Whisper with Rena lens on Squidoo to learn more about dog whispering, and have the relationship you always wanted with your dog!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Glimpse into Real Dog Pack Life -
How Much Exercise?

There are quite a few misconceptions going around about how a dog pack functions. The dog pack absolutely DOES NOT exercise 8 hours each day! Rather, it's more like this:

The dog pack goes hunting - of course, led by the Alpha Leader. But if one pack member has a better sense of smell than the others, the Alpha Leader allows that one to lead the hunt - until he is certain that he is on the trail well enough to lead it himself. Also, the dog who is most skilled at herding is highly respected by him.

Each dog pack member is respected for each thing that he can do well, and is called upon to do it in any emergency situation. Say a helicopter came overhead and the frightened dog pack ran, forced into another dog pack's territory. The Pack Leader would hand the reins over to whoever grew up there (most likely a female), as that one would know the cracks and crevices. The Leader of the Pack is definitely not macho!

As danger passed, the dogs would return to hunting. Only about one in ten hunts is successful. However, once they do succeed in bringing down prey, they stay with it until only the bones remain - mostly eating and sleeping.

So contrary to the popular belief that all the wild dogs do all day is run, it's more like: "We hunt a couple of times a week, and the rest of the time we eat and sleep!" - With occasional trips to mark the territory (the human equivalent of a field trip) and fairly regular games of chase.

Yes, a dog needs regular exercise. There's no denying that. I'm a firm believer in twice a day, 45 minutes each time - 30 minutes the second time for some - but there are several dog breeds who could never keep up with that pace.

I mean really ... can you picture this Chihuahua trying to keep up with a German Shepherd?

The amount of activity you do with your dogs has to be based on their individual physical and psychological needs - not on what you've heard about the dog breed.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dog Health - 7 Day Special -
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His local SECOND CHANCE Animal Shelter is in crisis. So to help, Dr. Andrew Jones is holding a one week special promotion for ALL of his materials. 25% of all proceeds go to the animal shelter.

Dr. Jones is offering special packages and other huge deals. For example, the eBooks have been cut to $29, and the course has been cut by over $100 to as low as $189.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dog Health Care Tip - Dog Ear Infections

One of my friend's dogs regularly gets ear infections.

"I know that you're into dog psychology, and that's your field. And dog health care isn't. But you wouldn't have any ideas on this, would you?"

I asked her how often she cleaned her dog's ears. "Any time they seem irritated," she said.

I told her: "Check them weekly. You really should clean them that often ... and especially every time you bathe your dog."

She took the dog care tip, and the ear infections have dramatically reduced!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dog Breed Prejudice or Just Sound Wisdom?

I don't spend much time on forums. Although there are some people there who have a lot of knowledge or ask intelligent questions (and it's great to share information with them), there are also people who pose the most ridiculous dog questions that anyone who did a little "thinking through" would figure out.

One particular individual felt that Labs, Goldens, and German Shepherds were always in the spotlight when it came to movies. He was very angry because Beagles weren't. He also felt the Police Force should use them because their sense of smell is better than German Shepherds.

The truth is that we don't need to be making movies where Beagles are the stars ... or any hound dogs, for that matter. I love these dogs, but they make lousy family pets. They are miserable when they don't get to hunt. Imagine not getting to do the one thing you are born to do! That's cruel.

If these dog breeds are promoted in movies, people go out and buy them as house pets, because they think how cute that dog was in the film. Appartently some producers are starting to figure that out.

If you want to make a movie that has hound dogs in it, do one about Search and Rescue Dogs that shows how wonderfully their gifts can be used ... and yet shows them as working dogs, not pets. This would stimulate people to get involved in the training of Search and Rescue Dogs, instead of filling our animal shelters full to overflowing with perfectly beautiful dogs.

When this gentleman stated that Beagles should be used on the Police Force because of their superior sense of smell... Yes, he's right. They do have a better sense of smell than German Shepherds. However, he did not take into consideration the fact that Beagles howl and bawl when they have located that for which they were searching. German Shepherds don't.

Shepherds are silent and unpredictable in their movements against the target. With a Beagle, though, how many lives would be lost simply because of a loud-mouth dog! That's far too high of a risk to take.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

When my grandmother became too ill to take care of her dog dog, Sandra, we took her in. The dog was 15 years old and had spent her entire life on table scraps.

Grandmother fed her directly from the table, and did not even require that the dog eat out of her own dish. As a result, Sandra had developed an absolutely horrible yoddel whenever somebody was sitting at the table.

Sandra also made a beeline out of the gate the minute it was opened. Many of our neighbors blamed the fact that she was a rescued dog (Terrier-Chihuahua mix), and thought it was an incurable dob problem that we would just have to live with.

Not so.

For her first meal at our house, Sandra was served dog food ... in her own dish ... just like our other dog. She ate it.

After only two escape stunts, she quickly learned that "come" meant "come" in this house!

Sandra did receive table scraps as an occasional treat when she was quiet and behaving properly ... placed in her own bowl ... and the yoddeling was no more!

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"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan Mean To Kane?

Most people who have seen National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer" have seen one of the earliest episodes where Cesar was asked to bring a one-year-old Great Dane over a shiny floor... The one thing the dog wouldn't do. He refused to walk on ANY shiny surface.

Some have criticized Cesar for the way that he simply "did it." A lot of times when a dog is terrified of something, making him move forward, with exposure again and again, is the only way to ease the fear.

My dog was scared silly of motorcycles. He now ignores them. I'm not mean because I made him stay there. In fact, getting him over that fear may save his life some day on a walk!

Cesar wasn't hurting the fearful dog. He did exactly what a Pack Leader would do. A Pack Leader in the wild would either make the fearful dog move, or leave it to die while the rest of the pack went on.

The point is ... They come out of it, even if they are traumatized, much faster than humans do.

Let me make myself clear. There are a few actions of Mr. Millan with which I do not agree, but I am not commenting on this to point out my likes and dislikes of Cesar. All I'm saying is that somebody who criticized him for this obviously had no knowledge of dog behavior.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dog Feeding - Are There Rules To Do Dog Feeding Right?

Feeding time is a very serious mental activity for dogs, as well as a physically restoring, energy-producing time.

Yes, it is very important to feed your dog every day... but the WAY you feed him matters. When you feed a dog, you are feeding energy to him ... so he needs to be in a calmer state before you start. You don't need to be feeding energy to a dog who is in an aggressive state.

Having a dog training business, my dog constantly has to adjust to new dogs coming and going. And everybody has to learn consistent rules. Sometimes I get separate dishes for everyone, and sometimes I have them all share the same dish. But no matter which way it is, nobody touches the food until I say so.

Food and mating rights are the two things that cause a dog fight more than anything else in dog packs.

It's also important for dogs to eat together. Dog packs do.

Separation is often the chosen solution for owners who don't know what else to do with a dog aggression problem beyond their control. But it's not an answer. It only increases the problem to keep an animal separated at dog feeding time.

So... YES ... Feed your dog!

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