Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Correcting Dog Behavior Problem -
What Does CLAIM Something Mean? How Do I?

"My dog goes after my slippers," a client complained. "Help! How can I solve this dog behavior problem?"

ANSWER: You CLAIM your slippers!

You "claim" an item or an area to assert your authority over it - to let the dog know that it belongs first and foremost to YOU, the leader of the pack. The dog is not supposed to touch your property.

Likewise, if a dog soils an area of the carpet, part of your correction procedure involves "claiming" that spot as your own ... and the dog won't go there again. The dog is not supposed to cross the boundary into your space without your permission. This he understands instinctively, as it is powerful, silent dog pack language - sometimes called "dog whisper".

HOW do you claim something?

By stepping in front of it with your feet spread halfway between the military "Atten-hut!" and "At ease." Have your head and shoulders up confidently the entire time, and also be sure to maintain direct eye contact with your dog throughout this entire procedure.

Make the dog sit or lie down.

You keep standing there authoritatively, staring, until the dog turns away from you or moves away completely. That means she has surrendered. She now recognizes the item or the space as yours - that she is not supposed to go there without your express permission.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doggie Roundup - Dog on the Loose

No, Guys. I'm serious! I really did round up three of my neighbor's dogs today.

You see, the situation was that she had left the front door open without realizing it (haven't we all?) ... and there she was covered in green, because she was painting her son's room green as a surprise for him when he returned from a trip. (She also looks very good in that color, as do I.)

The Rhodesian Ridgeback came charging toward me, and I said: "Oh, boy. When your master catches you loose, he's not going to be a happy camper. I'm not so sure I'd want to be you when he comes home!"

That dog played with my dog on a few occasions, and was very eager for another round. So, in light of that, I had no effort in bringing him home.

The other two were also interested in my dog. So it was very little effort on my part physically to round them up, either.

If you see dogs loose, try to work with the surroundings - instead of trying to chase the dog. That never works!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Male Dog and Female Dog -
Can there be a Dog Fight?

Ever hear the old myth that a female dog will never fight a male dog? What's the truth?

If she is a dominant female dog and you bring a dominant male dog onto her territory, there can be a dog fight. It doesn't have to be just different sexes for two dogs to get along. They have to be different personalities, too.

A second instance in which a female dog will fight with a male is when a female-male pair are mates and an intruding male comes on the scene. If the intruder combats the mated male for dog dominance, that is normal in the wild and the female dog will stay out of it.

However, if the intruder grabs her mate in a death struggle, then she will grab the attacking intruder by the jugular vein and will not let go until he is dead. Her mate will slash the intruder's belly open as she holds him. Quite savage but effective.

Learn more about Dog Dominance Behavior - Dog Articles by Rena Murray .

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Dog Humping and Dog Mounting Behavior -
Which is which?

Some people believe that a dog humping or dog mounting you is the same thing. In truth, it is not.

Dog humping is when a dog places himself under one's leg and lifts it in the air.

Dog mounting is when a dog places himself on the back or leg of another and continues to ride on it.

Although both are dog dominance issues that require professional help, dog mounting is the more serious dog behavior problem.

Dog humping is an attempt to embarrass and ridicule, while dog mounting is actually a challenge of one's position, a threat and claim of leadership. The dog is saying: "I am going to be the dominant one!"

For more information about dog humping and dog mounting behavior, see the Dog Dominance Behavior Articles by Rena Murray.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Exercising Your Dog -
How Much Is Enough?

What's the truth about dog exercise?

Exercising your dog is critical to keep him both mentally and physically balanced.

It extends dog life, stimulates his appetite, and expends excess energy to calm him down.

But how do you know when your dog has had enough?

My Border Collie runs six miles per day with me on a bike - four miles in the morning, and two in the evening. He loves his runs. So if he indicates to me that he doesn't want to go on, I know for sure and respect the fact that he is not up to it that day.

Any dog who throws a temper tantrum you should make keep going. But if the dog has clearly had enough, then stop.

Some days we humans also have times when we are not fully up to snuff. Why would you expect it to be any different with your dog?

It is also important to remember that not every dog can run the same distance, or at the same speed. In dog training or caring for multiple dogs, it is sometimes tempting to take a group of dogs with you at once rather than making multiple runs yourself. But that is not always wise.

It is a dog health risk for some dogs if you take a pack comprised of different dog breeds and different ages out together and run them a significant distance. Not all are at the same level of physical conditioning and stamina.

For example, Hounds can run 40 hours when on a significant trail. That would kill my Border Collie and many other dogs, who are not built for that.

Use common sense, people!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Pet Food Recall - Want The Truth?
See Pet Food Recall Seminar on Video
- 26 Ways to Avoid Toxic Pet Food -

Are you willing to follow 26 ways to avoid toxic pet food and safely feed your dog and cat?

More than 5,600 pet food items have been recalled since early March.

4,633 pets have been reported as deceased as a result of contaminated pet food.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dog Grooming - Brush The Dog

Dog Grooming - "Does it really matter," you ask?

If you really want to see how much it matters, take a look at a few of those dogs who have not been properly groomed on Animal Cops Detroit.

Many of those dogs have over a pound of dead hair hanging off of them - often so knotted up, that it comes off in one piece when a professional grooming tool is used. Underneath that big mat are often a lot of scabs on the dog's skin.

I think the answer is summed up in one word: "Ouch!"

Please, for all of you who like the long-haired dogs, do brush them once a day. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes, but it is worth it - both for your house and for your pet!

Rena Murray

P.S. - For our recommended dog grooming tools - especially the Pet Groom Pro I use to brush my Gatsby and help protect me from allergens - go to Dog Grooming.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dog Behavior Problems?
Keep at it!

Remember the dog who feared motorcycles? That is a thing of the past now.

When your pet has a behavior issue, keep at it. When confronted with dog behavior problems, consistency and persistence pay big dividends.

Dogs move on if you stick with them long enough for them to do so.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vaccinosis - The Vaccine Challenge -
It's Your Pet's Health, So What To Do?

Consider this serious threat. Over-vaccination and the rabies vaccine can cause pet health problems and even pet death - including autoimmune diseases, dog aggression, seizures, epilepsy, fibrosarcomas, and more.

Discover the latest vital research data on vaccinosis as doctors lead The Vaccine Challenge of veterinary protocols, and what you can do for pet health. Go to Paw Persuasion - Pet Health - The Vaccine Challenge for details and links.

You will also want to hear the Animal Talk Naturally April 25, 2007 interview with Dr. W. Jean Dodds and Kris L. Christine through this link: The Vaccine Challenge.

Consider this: When a vaccine is administered, the immune system is shut down for at least 10 to 45 days. Think of the ramifications to an 8-week old puppy or kitten whose immune system does not even mature until six months of age!

For those of you who do not know, Dr. Dodds has been in veterinary practice and research for 42 years, the last 30 of which have been devoted to collecting research data on the issue of vaccinosis and the development of pet health diagnostic protocols.

Dr. Dodds has also created Hemolife, a "Red Cross" blood bank for dogs used by veterinarians throughout the U.S. Dr. Dodds' website is Hemopet.org.

Read more, and find out how you can support the new study through the The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust through this link: Paw Persuasion - Pet Health - The Vaccine Challenge.

We thank our friend, Ginny Rodgers of FurryKids.net, for sharing this with us.

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