Monday, April 30, 2007

Scoop the Poop...How?
Dog Care Tip

The best way I know to remove dog mess - and keep the hands perfectly clean - is to put a plastic grocery bag into your hand. Grasp the mess with it, turn the bag inside out, and seal it.

This way your hands never touch the mess, and it's in a sealed bag for disposal.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Should I Play WIth My Dog?
Dog Obedience Training & Play Time

"Should I play with my dog?" my client asked, as she commenced serious dog obedience training.

"Of course," I replied. "Play time is critical."

Her concern was for good reason. She had always had sedate dogs, and now she had a very dominant and challenging puppy. She needed to be sure she was not making any mistakes.

I told her that, instead of one 15 minute session as she had been doing, switch to 4 to 6 five-minute sessions per day.

Then play with the dog from 2 to 3 minutes after all but two of the sessions. This way he learns that training is not all hard work, but play time is not automatic, either.

To make it perfectly clear to anyone who chooses to follow this:

If you have three sessions per day with your dog, play with him after two of the sessions. Never skip the same one two days in a row. Don't establish a pattern.

Dogs are more time sensitive than we will ever know. But it is very important to remember that LEADERSHIP is first. However, AFFECTION and PLAY TIME are just as important. They just are not the first thing in line.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rainy Day Dog Odor?

Smelly dog odor on a rainy day.. Yuck!

I have heard that one should wipe their dog down with fabric softener sheets to eliminate the odor.

That has chemicals... and it also makes dogs want to roll to eliminate or mask the strange smell.

I have a better solution.

Bathe your pet weekly. Then if it rains, he will not stink when wet! What made him smell in the first place was his dirty coat.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update
FDA Testing 6 Ingredients

China finally admits that tainted food came from their country.

The FDA is reportedly testing six ingredients now, among them wheat gluten, corn gluten, cornmeal, soy protein, and rice protein concentrate.

More pet food recalls (and human food recalls?) are very likely.

While the FDA still reports "14 deaths," multiple sources report pet deaths in the thousands. Pet Connection reports 4515 deceased pets in its database alone as of today (4/27/07).

Our friend, Dr. Andrew Jones, will soon hold a teleseminar on the Pet Food Recall, including Q&A and a number of home diets. I'll keep you posted.


The all human-grade, all-US, nutritious, affordable, natural pet food we carefully researched and selected, featured (with links) on this page -
Safe Natural Dog Food -

or you can go directly to the pet food company to review the ingredients, production process, and so much more with this link:
Flint River Pet Food Company

It's even delivered fast and free via UPS, with has formulations for both cats and dogs.

That food smelled so good, it even made me hungry! And Gatsby (who's always had the best dog food) gobbled it up faster than anything ever before.

Keep your pet safe!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Me or the Dog!
Dog Behavior Problems

Let me tell you one thing. This woman is right when she says: "Feeding a dog sweets and caffeine can turn it crazy and make its dog behavior problems worse."

That is a tip about which all people should be aware.

Although chocolate can physically kill a dog, I am much more concerned about what it will do to a dog mentally over time.

I do not agree with the dog training techniques, so therefore I will not be viewing the television show another time. However, I do respect Victoria Wells and any other trainer.

But I have to admit: "It's Me or the Dog" is a very clever title! Many couples and families are in constant war about their dogs. You don't have to be.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Submit Your Comments - HOW TO!

I just received a very good comment except for one problem:

We will not publish or approve ANYTHING with cuss words or other inappropriate matter how good the rest of the content may be.

All comments are welcome that are appropriate.

For you who just submitted, please resubmit your comment without that word. It was otherwise a good comment.

Thank you!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Newcomer? - Avoid Dog Fight!

The best way to introduce a dog who is anti-social?

You see, in a pack of dogs, when a newcomer comes in, there is always one of them who is interested in the newcomer and wants to help him along. (I specifically mean packs of three or more.)

Let that dog meet the newcome first, and make him more at home. Give them a few minutes to relax with each other before bringing in the rest of the pack.

This way nobody is overwhelmed. On one feels threatened. Everyone has a while to adjust.

Obviously, walking the pack together is a good idea BEFORE you bring the newcomer inside the territory.

This avoids dog fight and helps integrate the newcomer into the pack.


Pit Bull - What Makes So Many of Them Mean?

No, it's not because they have bad owners.

And it is certainly not because they are "killer dogs."

My parents had a Pit Bull before I was born, and until I was age nine. My twin and I crawled over her and played with her as any toddler would. Sometimes, she would snuggle with us. Other times, she would stare at me with a "Oh, have mercy!" expression, and go and hide for a while.

There are two reasons that contribute more than anything else to the bad rap given the Pit Bull:

1. Many people get these dogs and confine them to a small yard, expecting them to entertain themselves. It doesn't work that way.

Pit Bulls are dogs that have great energy and stamina (just as most of the other dogs who have a bad rep).

They were bred for one purpose... and, NO again, it wasn't fighting!

The breeding purpose of Pit Bulls was simply because of their massive jaws. They locked and held onto determined bulls that needed to be brought in, specifically ones that had injured cowboys or other valuable cattle dogs.

They saved the lives of many people.

If someone decides to adopt a Pit Bull, they are going to have to commit to a rigorous exercise routine.

This keeps away boredom. Boredom unattended to leads to frustration, and frustration leads to aggression.

2. The other common reason is that what we call the "American Pit Bull Terrier" is no longer a true Pit Bull. It has been crossed with another breed specifically for the look. This mixed breeding creates insanity over time.

First generation mixed breeds are one thing. You get some pretty cool dogs out of that. Second generation and on, you've got problems ....

And of course, there are the ever popular myths that people believe about Pit Bulls - but why go into those, when that's what everyone argues about?

Click here to find out more about the true character and origin of the Pit Bull.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Begging Dog

Nobody likes a begging dog. It gets old really fast!

If your dog begs at the table and you are tired of it, here is what you do.

Put the dog in an assigned place while you eat. If he moves from it, bring him back and resume the meal.

You may have a few days of interrupted meals, but that is sure better than thirteen years of them! The dog usually learns within three days.

One more thing. Nobody can bend the rules by slipping Fido some bacon and still expect him to learn. Everyone must be consistent.

Scraps for Fido go into his dish when the family has finished eating and all has quieted in the kitchen area.

He quickly learns that is the only time and place for table scraps. No more begging dog!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dog will not eat -
Finicky Dog!

If your dog is a finicky eater, try this:

Put his food down for 20 minutes, and then take it away if he has not touched it.

Do this once a day until he eats.

He will soon learn that his attitude does not work on you. He will start eating normally when food is presented.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fearful Dog - Frightened Owner
Get Back on that Horse!

Well, in this case it's a bike, not a horse...

My fully trained dog became spooked by a motorcycle that was going much faster than it should have been as it roared way too closely past us ... and he pulled me off the bike.

I immediately took him to where I knew we would find another motorcycle, and made him sit as it went by. As he relaxed, I then made him walk past it.

We repeated the exercise several times. Then we finished the run, to get both of us past it!

When the dog shows fear, you have to address it. Running away from a situation, no matter what it is, will only increase the problem.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Your Answer for
Dog Food and Dog Treats

I have received many questions from concerned dog and cat owners following the massive Pet Food Recall, including a recall of dog treats and more.

My search for a safe, nutritious, affordable, and practical alternative uncovered the outstanding Flint River dog food, cat food, and dog treats.

Go here for details of these ultra-fresh foods, their ingredients, the company and more: Flint River Dog Food

We recommend this company and its carefully controlled U.S. manufacturing and ingredients for these reasons:

• All human grade ingredients.
• No By-products. No Fillers.
• No Chemical preservatives (Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA).
• No artificial flavors or colors.
• Unique Twice Oven-Baked Formula
• 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
• Recommended by top veterinarians, kennels, and breeders.
• Great for pet coat, health, breath, skin, energy…

Shipped fresh to your door via UPS - FREE delivery!

Baked (not extruded) at carefully controlled temperatures, so flavor is baked in, nutrients are preserved naturally, and food is more easily digested and absorbed.

Check it out: Flint River Dog Food

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