Monday, February 26, 2007

Listen to the Dog

If your dog is generally well behaved then suddenly refuses to come to you, you might want to check and see if he if he is trying to let you know about some unwanted intruder.

I was very unhappy with my Border Collie when he refused to come the other day. I walked over and discovered him staring at a huge alligator who was interested in ME, thank you very much!

Let us just say I hit a speed I never thought possible on the way back to the house....Of course, running with the dog .... I beat the dog!

So again, people, LISTEN TO YOUR DOG.

Consider the dog body language. My dog had his tail a little bit crinked, which is a sign of some concern. It tells his pack leader, "Hey, you might want to see this!"

I saw, and I ran!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

How to Catch the Dog

One of the most common problems people have with their dogs is: "If I open the door, Roscoe runs away!...And then I chase him, but he won't come back to me. He just runs faster."

For all of you Roscoe owners out there, put Roscoe on a leash, and start making him wait to go outside. It doesn't hurt him to wait more and more time before he goes out that door.

The next time he gets out, tell him to "Sit and Stay!" Go to him, and bring him back.

Chasing is one of the favorite games dogs play with each other, and if you haven't noticed (although I think most of you have), no human in the world can keep pace with the dog.

The point is turning the "LISTEN" switch on, and the "RUNNING AWAY" switch off in your dog's brain.

Yes, it takes time, but as a comfort to you, I had one of the worst renegades of the century. I know first hand that obedience dog training works - even with a running dog!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Dog Training Teleseminar
Wednesday, February 28th
9 pm EST / 6pm Pacific

Hey Everybody,

I am very excited! I am going to be on my first dog training teleseminar - in fact, three of them.

Wednesday, February 28th launches a series of in-depth interviews by Dan Hatfield with a team of experts in the dog training field. Each one of us will be speaking in our area of expertise on separate calls.

The first conference call is FREE -

So if you are interested, check out the details here:
Conference Call Details and Registration

Wednesday's call should be jam-packed with valuable information, so you don't want to miss it. I have not met the speaker for this one, Jim, but I am eager to listen in on the call.

When you register for the free call, you will have an opportunity to write in your own questions related to such topics as basic dog training, problem dog behavior, puppy training, dog fears and dog aggression, dogs and children, advanced training, and more.

This first conference call (or teleseminar) is our gift to you, so join us!


P.S. Again, for more information and to register for Wednesday night's call, go to Conference Call Details and Registration,
and please tell us YOUR OWN QUESTIONS.
Remember, space is limited.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

As you enjoy your Valentine candy, just remember that chocolate, while a delight for your human best friend, is not at all good for your best canine friend.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Do not misjudge the trainer if....

If your neighbor has a dog and his problem was solved by a dog trainer's advice...

Please do not say the dog trainer does not know what he/she is talking about if the same thing does not work for your dog.

The truth is that every dog is different, and you need to ask a professional what is best for your unique dog and situation.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Truth About Mixed Dog Breeds

It's a hot topic today. We hear: "Mixed dog breeds don't have all the years of inbreeding, so they don't have all the health problems that purebred dogs do."

What about: "Labradoodles don't have ear problems. Labradoodles don't shed."

Truth is, Labradoodles often have worse ear problems than Labrador Retrievers, and they surely do shed, quite unlike the Standard Poodle!

"Mixed breeds are just as easy to train as Purebreds, and the mix doesn't matter," you say?

Truth is, yes the mix DOES matter. It's extremely hard to train a dog with a double-track mind ... say a Lab-Husky mix. One side wants to be with his owners, and the other side wants to run all the time.

Golden Retrievers and Labs make a compatible cross and great pets. They have consistent mind sets.... But the crossing of totally incompatible breeds certainly causes some dogs to go crazy! Literally.

Don't do away with mixed breeds, nor fail to love on some of our precious pets from shelters. (Remember everybody, I have a rescue dog now, had others in the past, and will continue to have them.)

Do away with intentionally throwing everything together and leaving it, saying there's nothing wrong with it... or even giving it a cutesy name and promoting it.

That's a lie that is giving dogs a bad name. As a result, more innocent dogs that might possibly have found good homes are put to sleep ... simply because of similarities with ones that went crazy.

Let us take responsibility for our actions and use some wisdom in them.

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Distant Dog Trainer

Do not think the obedience dog trainer you hired does not like your dog if he seems distant with the animal.

He does this for two reasons:

(1) If you start out trying to be a dog's friend first and leader second, you are not the dominant one in the dog's mind. It is very hard to change that concept.

(2) The dog trainer does not want the dog to become too attached to him, because that would make it very hard for the dog's love to transfer from the trainer to the owner.

I had a friend who could not see, and she was given a guide dog. The dog hated her and absolutely refused to work for her... yet when the dog trainer came, the dog was all over him and immediately responsive. The dog was not really a bad dog; she was simply too devoted to the trainer to love anyone else.

Realize that the slight distance between the obedience dog trainer and your dog is for your benefit. Do not think he is uncaring.

You have no idea how hard it has been for me not to love on some of those sweet darlings right away, instead of waiting until the right time much later!

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Is the dog blind because...

...Because she has different colored eyes?

No, many animals and humans have unmatched eyes, and they see just fine. I know of the beautiful wife of a regional bank holding company president who has eyes of different colors.

Then there's my friend's Laso Apso, Bella. With unmatched eyes, she is a perfect example. She has perfect vision and is from champion stock...

The only thing is ... she cannot show because of this.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Was Horrified!
Dog Pees On Man's Leg

I have heard some confusion about many things to do with dogs...but this was the WORST.

Someone wrote on an open forum that: "You should feel honored that the dog cares so much about you" ... that this was an act of LOVE and DEVOTION ... when the dog PEED ON THE MAN'S LEG!

Please, if somebody out there is seeing that post or having this problem, wake up! Realize that THE DOG IS CLAIMING YOU!

He is not showing respect or love. HE IS SAYING THAT HE OWNS YOU!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fiddle Doodle with the Labradoodle

Schnauzerdoodle, Labradoodle, Mastif-Dane cross... becoming recognized "standard breeds?"


Those dogs are mutts. Somebody had a couple of accident litters and tried to make money off of them. Mix any dog you want, it does not make them a "standard dog breed."

There is nothing wrong with mixed breeds, but they are NOT pure bred. Think about it. Just look at the subsequent generations.

By the way, there are Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Flat-coated Retrievers, Standard Poodles ... Now THESE are pure bred dogs.

Please, call a spade a spade!

Rena Murray

P.S. I have personally owned a Lab mix and a Beagle mix.

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Approaching a Blind Dog

A lot of people are curious about the best way to approach a dog who can't see you.

It is always best to speak to a blind person first. However, dogs do not operate mentally with their ears first ... or their eyes.

First, dogs become aware of the smell of something, then the sound of something, and then they look at it. This pattern is always consistent, even in split-second timing.

So ...

You stand still and allow the dog to smell you. When she sits down or moves close to you with her head down and her ears back, she is comfortable with you and ready to receive affection.

If people would pay attention to the signs, we would avoid so many unnecessary injuries.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Can I give my dogs treats?

This was the question asked to me by a client two days ago.

"Do not give them treats as bribe, reward, or because you feel sorry for them. Give them treats when they are relaxed and not over excited or nervous."

No, treats are not bad in and of themselves. Just pay attention to your timing, and do not over use them.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Best Holiday Dog Winner

Paw Persuasion announces the winners of its first annual "HOLIDAY DOG Photo Contest." Click here to see the full page of winners and precious pets - 2006 BEST HOLIDAY DOG.

Maria Serrano dog Chico as Santa is Best Holiday Dog Picture Winner 2006

Santa was good to our Winner, Chico, of Laurelton, NY. This sweet, 3 month old Pit Bull is a rescued dog lovingly adopted by Marukah from Biscuits and Bath on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Santa was good to Chico - Best Holiday Dog Picture winner 2006

Don't miss the rest of the wonderful pets - especially Guido and Annie, or Ellen's T'was the night before Christmas... See them here: 2006 BEST HOLIDAY DOG PICTURE PAGE.

Have some great dog pictures to share?
CONTACT US and send JPG images as email attachments, along with your testimonials of how Rena's articles, newsletter, blog, and/or coaching have helped you, or with your own true Dog Story. These will be published periodically throughout the year.


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