Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dog Resists Leash?
Try this Dog Training Tip

For any of you who have problems with your dog playing a keep away game every time you approach with a dog leash or try to grab him for a walk ... and not to mention those of you who have dogs who urinate when you grab their collar to attach a leash ... here's a tip.

You should always CALL YOUR DOG TO YOU to put his training collar or dog leash on. Do not go to him and put it on ... as then it becomes a very unpleasant thing for him.

Until next time,

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Was Your Dog Bred To Do?

If you are considering getting a dog, and your heart is set on a certain Dog Breed simply because it is pretty, think again. You need to sit back and look at a few things to really consider if this dog is going to do well with your lifestyle.

Research the dog breed and see what it was born to do. If you cannot find something to match that dog instinctive behavior, then you are likely to have a dog whose instincts spiral out of control.

For example, the Bernese Mountain Dog was known in the 1930's as "the poor man's horse." They pulled carts.

Come on, now...It's not like 1930's carts are everywhere now. You have got to be kidding. Just use some common sense and make your own cart. Use a dolly or child's wagon, then put some bricks on it, wood or cement blocks ... nice, heavy things that will avoid as much creeking as possible.

The dog spooks at the sound of the cart once it is on the pavement? Do not try to reassure him with affection. Just keep him moving forward. Otherwise, he will be afraid to let you put the harness on for the cart again.

I also had a client who had two Labrador Retrievers and some sheep. She was going to spend money for field training. Since she was not planning to hunt the dogs, I told her not to waste her money and, instead, to use what she had. We took twenty minutes or so teaching the dogs to herd the sheep. That worked.

Most dog breeds have more than one thing for which they were bred. Pick the option that best suits your lifestyle, or try to find a good imitation of it. Do some good, old fashioned thinking!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Wash the Dog

Dogs with allergies have a noticeable decrease in itching problems when they are bathed every week.

I have heard the saying "Too many baths will dry out the dogs skin." I have never seen that happen. Give this a try if your dog has this problem.

Our veterinary friend, Andrew Jones, recommends an oatmeal based shampoo. See the Paw Persuasion PET HEALTH and BOOKS & MEDIA pages for information on Dr. Jones and the many pet health remedies he shares in Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Teleseminar - PET HEALTH
Thursday, January 18th
6 pm Pacific - 9 pm Eastern

Do you know how to solve your pet's health problems at home?
Having knowledge or immediate access to clear information can save your dog's life!

You don't want to miss the FREE Pet Health Teleseminar by Dr. Andrew Jones of the Nelson Veterinary Clinic in Ontario – But it's important to ACT QUICKLY.

Space is limited to 500 people, and the last teleseminar had over 1000. In the first few hours after announcement, 250 signed up!

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Pet Health Teleseminar Sign-up

On the 60-minute teleseminar, you'll discover not only how to treat your pet at home, but you'll also learn...

1. How to know when it is safe to treat your pet at home, and when it you need to take her to the vet. -- This is critical knowledge that you can learn now!

2. How can you tell if your Pet is sick? – Dr. Jones will reveal how veterinarians decide this, and how you be doing this at home.

3. The top ways to prevent disease. -- This is must know material if your pet is to stay healthy and live a long and fulfilled life.

4. The best diets for your pet – Dr. Jones will show you what to feed your pet, and how to choose a quality pet food.

5. The most important emergency pet first aid technique you need to know - This is a critical skill which could save your pet's life!

Learn more about the following launch of Dr. Jones' Manual of 1000 pet home remedies – VETERINARY SECRETS REVEALED.

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Date: Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007
Time: 6PM Pacific - 9PM Eastern

P.S. Last thing...
Please remember to print-out your STUDY GUIDE available to you after you register for the teleseminar.

The seminar will take 60 minutes out of your day (Thursday, January 18th), but what you learn will last a lifetime. You have nothing to lose but a little time … and it could save your pet's life!

I know Dr. Andrew Jones. He is good. His information is solid.

I will be on the call. WILL YOU?

Pet Health Teleseminar Sign-up

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Straw the Ticks Away

For any of you who live in a colder climate, and you have outside dogs, remember to use hay in their cages. Pine straw attracts ticks!

Stay nice and warm.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dog Picture Contest

Finally settled in from the holiday rush and looking over all those pictures? They bring some great memories, perhaps some sentimental tears, and plenty of laughs, don't they?

Why not share the best?


"BEST HOLIDAY DOG" Picture Contest!

Whether your dog is alone, with other pets, or with people, adorned or simply adorable, send us your favorite dog photo from Christmas or Hanukkah.

JPG image attachment to email
200 x 200 pixels, please

Subject line: "Best Holiday Dog"

We will post the winning dog photo and a page of other great "runners-up" on our PAW PERSUASION website. For a brief (publicly visible) identifier of your photo on the site, please give us this information in your email:

1. DOG NAME and any other names
(e.g., owner, others in picture, etc.)

2. One sentence descriptor (OPTIONAL)

WINNER will receive 2 free telephone consultations with Rena. 1st RUNNER-UP receives one. (Rena will pay for the call if it is within the continental USA, otherwise, winner must initiate the call.)

Winners will be notified by return email, then telephone numbers will be exchanged and arrangements made.