Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dog Leash Problems - Who's In Control?

There are several different problems, or conflicts rather, that people can have between a leash and a dog.

The most common one is when the dog has learned how to use the leash better than his well in fact, that it is indeed his master who goes walking or running down the street behind him! I think we know who's in control of that walk.

And of course there's the all-too-common problem of the dog being tangled up in the leash, so much so that he looks like he might have changed color.

And then there's the problem with a dog who has figured out how to chew through any leash within seconds...even those "impossible to penetrate" ones. Instead of "he shoots, he scores"'s "he chews, he's loose, and he's off!" And so are you!

Believe it or not, there is yet another leash problem. That is the one I'm going to help you with today. This is the one where the dog firmly plants his rear and refuses to budge, or lies down and becomes a complete limp rag. It looks pathetic.

In most cases when the dog is behaving like that, you grab the leash and pull to the side. This throws her off balance, so she has to move. Normally, after about six tries the dog walks.

If that doesn't work, put a leash on while she's around the house, and under supervision only. If she was out in the yard with this on (even under supervision), it could catch on something.

So stick to this exercise only indoors and when you are watching her. Just let her walk around and drag the leash wherever. Then start picking it up and walking around with her. Walk her out the door, then down the driveway. Increase the distance a little bit each day.

If she shuts down, make her get up and walk for a minute before you turn around again. If you turn around when she shuts down, guess what? YOU just got trained. Not her.

The more you give in to that tantrum, the more determined she will become.

Never let the dog win the argument. Always end the exercise with YOU in control, not her. A pack leader always stays there until he wins. You cannot expect to solve your dog leash problems any other way.

Rena Murray
Dog Whisper Woman

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