Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bad Dog Behavior - Was It Worth It?

Here's a true "bad dog behavior" story.

"It's after midnight, and a long, long evening. Mama was cooking everything in sight for Thanksgiving the next day and I was "kitchen help." Finally, sinking into bed, this whipped 14-year-old was drifting off to sleep. Deep sleep.


Then screaming! (My parents never screamed.) Alarmed, I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to the kitchen. Mama was throwing that yellow Lab out the door!

I couldn't enter. The large kitchen floor had what seemed like inches deep, thick, awful ham fat all over it. Well-trained Ginger, so good and reliable, just somehow couldn't resist the ham cooling in its pan and drippings (fat) on top of the stove.

Mama tossed me cleaning rags as she prepared a bucket of hot, soapy water. As my sister appeared, she was given the same.

Seemed like Mission Impossible! Ever tried to clean up thick, widespread ham fat? Trust me, you don't want to! It took the two of us three hours. Every time we wiped and scrubbed and wiped and scrubbed, it was STILL slick and greasy. I'll never forget it.

Mama started cooking something else to augment the turkey for the big day that was coming all too soon. And Ginger spent the night outside! (She was the lucky one.)"

Thank you, my dear friend, for sharing this story.

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Rena Murray

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