Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Can I Do About My Jumping Dog?

First, don't make this mistake. Here's what NOT to do with your jumping dog.

If your dog jumps all over guests like a kangaroo, do not take the easy way out and put him away... or try to teach him the "kangaroo bop." This leaves him excited, which makes him even more excited the next time a guest comes by.

How can you stop dog jumping?

Give a firm, one word correction. "Firm" means serious, not shouting or screaming at the dog. If you look, you will note that your shouting excites him more, thus making the situation worse.

Next, make the dog sit and stay in one place until he is totally calm before releasing him to say hello.

Remember, if your dog has any kind of behavior problem and you give up in the correction process at eighty percent, that is the reason he only gives you eighty percent. Dogs want to give you one hundred percent, but you have to ask for it.

Rena Murray

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