Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dog Urination Problems

It's awful! There are so many dog peeing problems that have nothing to do with a need for elimination. They run the gamut from the dog pack instincts of dog territory marking and dog scent mixing to female dog urination, dog mating behaviors, submissive urination, fear-based urination, excitement urination, and aggression dog dominance with dangerous disrespect of owner authority.

I give an overview of each of these dog urination problems in my new article, "Dog Urination - How to Know the Reasons for Dog Urination Problems," and suggest what you can do about them. Some are easy to solve, while others are serious and must be addressed IMMEDIATELY.

If you have a dog urination problem that is not solved easily, and especially the serious problems of jealousy or a dog who pees on a human, then Email Rena to set up a telephone CONSULTATION or CONTACT ME through my website: www.PawPersuasion.com .

The problem MUST be solved, and I can guide and hand-hold you all the way through it. With expert help, it CAN be done.

Just call on me!


Excessive Dog Barking

Ear-splitting, driving you to distraction ... that constant yapping at anything and everything! "QUIET!"

So many owners just give up when confronted with this obsessive compulsive dog barking behavior, unfortunately typical of some of the smaller breeds. Such was the case with one client who suffered for all of 7 YEARS with her Yorkshire Terrier. "He just won't be quiet. He barks and barks and barks - at EVERYTHING! Even if it is a simple noise with which he is familiar."

Do you have a similar problem?

GOOD NEWS! It is quite treatable with leadership control, consistency, and proper exercise. On my website is a new article: "Excessive Dog Barking Behavior Problem - How to Stop Compulsive Barking" addressing this issue. With my leadership and instruction, the client was able to solve this seven-year problem in just THREE WEEKS! Ahhh ... Nice and quiet ...

If you need help correcting dog barking problems, I can tell you specifically what to do to solve your individual situation and hand-hold you all the way. For CONSULTATION just Email Rena or contact me through my website: www.PawPersuasion.com .

You do NOT have to live with nerve-wracking barking, and neither do your neighbors!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Consultations Work!

I have been asked how I could help someone who was not geographically local to me.

Answer: If I do not take your dog in, I can still consult with you via email or telephone with explicit direction for your specific circumstances. The give-and-take and clarity of explanations (by both of us), especially in telephone discussions, has yielded outstanding results, as my client in Texas discovered with their Dobermans, especially the new puppy.

My friend in client in Germany has experienced great hand-holding help with her large rescued dog's multiple issues, even over such distance, just by our give-and-take, descriptive communications, and her diligence in applying what I tell her.

If you have an on-going problem or one that is not immediately responsive to techniques you have read, contact me for personal consultation and coaching. I am most reasonable, because my overriding concern is for the relationship and safety of you and your dog.

Rena Murray

Friday, October 27, 2006

Does Your Dog Bite When Disturbed?

Don't you hate those yappy little things that strike at your ankles?

If your dog snaps or lunges when disturbed by human touch, then you have a problem with nasty dog dominance behavior. Be of good cheer, though, because it CAN be solved.

One of the more frequent dog behavior modification challenges I face is working with dogs who vy for pack position - for control of you and your family - through aggression dog dominance. That was the unpleasant situation with a client's Jack Russell Terrier, "Bitsy." In my article: "Dog Dominance Behavior - Do Not Touch Me!" I give detailed account of how I solved that problem in Bitsy, turning a little terror into an obedient joy. I can help with your dog, too.


Dog Possessiveness and Dominance Aggression in Dogs?

In my series of articles on Dog Dominance Behavior, I explain various forms of dog instinctive behaviors, such as aggression dog dominance and possessive dog behaviors, and what to do about them. These are all dog pack instincts derived from the inborn drive for dog dominance and high position in the pack.

Dog food aggression and dog possessiveness of a bone or favorite toy are among the most common expressions of dominance aggression in dogs, of the dog's quest for control. If your dog displays these behaviors, however, please be aware that they are potentially very serious and can develop or intensify when such dog possessive behaviors are not corrected.

Many of us have experienced the painful results ... So let me help you. See my new Article - "Dog Dominance Behavior - Need Help to Break Dog Possessiveness?" - and CONTACT ME for help, providing details of your specific dog's problems. I am available for email and telephone consultations if you are not in my (Florida west coast) area - and even long distance, the dog behavior modification results have still been phenomenal!


Female Dog Mounting Behavior

"Is my dog suffering from a mental defect? ... She mounts me ... She humps my daughter ... She also mounts visitors ...!"

Dog mounting behavior is a very embarrassing thing and something I am regularly asked to combat. It is a symptom of a serious underlying dog dominance behavior problem that requires expert help for effective dog behavior modification. If you do not do it exactly right, there is an absolute guarantee that you will be bitten!

If you have a problem with dog humping women or dog mounting women, I want to help. I have just published "Dog Dominance Behavior - Female Dog Mounting Behavior" to explain this phenomenon, with graphic detail of how I solved this problem with in dog named Lady. You can find it on the Articles page of PawPersuasion.com.

Take this seriously and do get professional help. There is no room for error!

Dog Humping and Dog Mounting Problems

Does your dog mount over another dog's head or engage in dog humping?

Among the many dog dominance behaviors, those surrounded by perhaps more myths than any others are dog mounting problems and a dog humping women. No, contrary to popular opinion, these obnoxious dog instinctive behaviors have absolutely nothing to do with sex.

How embarrassing, though, for those who do not know this!

If your dog displays these behaviors, click on my website - PawPersuasion.com and see the article I just published entitled: Dog Dominance Behavior - Dog Humping and Dog Mounting Problems. Take heart. There are explanations, and there are solutions ... and no, there is no such thing as a "GAY DOG!"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am human

Hi everyone,

This morning, my dog did something so precious, even I could not resist him.

I was not in the mood to pet the dog at the time. He paused and returned shortly. I looked at him. He rested his head ever so gently on my shoulder and licked my cheek. I was tearing. It was an act of pure love and upmost respect

Remember: Balance and Discipline; do not forget Love,
Rena Murray

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dog Obedience Training - Common Mistakes

Not one of us is infallible. Each one of us has to live with our own personal faults. Every single day, we make mistakes. I have to keep myself in check, because if you lose your temper with a dog, it does not work!

When I am dealing with a hyperactive dog, I have to remind myself constantly to stay calm. They are often the most frustrating to work with, but frustration only intensifies their excitement.

More often than not, I find an owner who feels badly about telling the dog what to do. They feel like they are hurting the dog's feelings, or being mean to it. I looked one woman right in the eye, and then directly at her hyperactive, yappy little dog, as I said to her: "If she was in a pack, she would be on the ground by now!"

The woman was surprised. "Really?" she questioned.

I calmly replied: "You are making a mistake out of fear of hurting her feelings."

I put the little dog on the ground by placing my two fingers on her neck as a "pack hold." She submitted almost immediately. The owner was amazed by the instant change in her demeanor!

It did not hurt the dog, just sent the message of "Chill out!"

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dog Rehabilitation - The Most Important Point

Rehabilitating a dog or changing a dog behavior pattern never happens overnight -- but you can see almost immediate results when you find the right technique.

The most important point of all without question is staying there until you accomplish your goal. Confronting the problem and finishing what you have started are the ways to achieve lasting results.

Ignoring a behavior for any reason will not change it. Love does not rehabilitate an unstable dog. No, it takes addressing the issue, head on and with consistency. Always remember this!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bad Dog Behavior - Is Your Dog Stealing Food?

Is your dog a Marauding Max, a sly food thief? Did you know that the genesis of such bad dog behavior is dog pack instincts and dog dominance behavior moreso than hunger?

In fact, food and mating are the ways dogs become strongest in the pack. Ignore certain food issues, and your dog may become food aggressive and engage in other unwanted behaviors.

I have just published an article explaining the dog pack behaviors surrounding food, and what to do if your dog is stealing food. EzineArticles just gave the article "Bad Dog Behavior - Is Your Dog Stealing Food?" its highest rating and featured it on its home page. You can check it out by clicking here for my website's ARTICLES .

Discover how to cure unwanted dog behavior and make your food fest free from Fido's jaws!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dog Humping - Bump the Hump!

The most common myth in dog humping is the assumption that the dog is gay! No, homosexuality does not exist in the dog world.

One dog mounting over another one's head, or even unsheathing his penis, is fairly common. The unsheathing is to release his scent on the other dog.

Think about this fact: If a male dog mounts a female, his equipment does not miss its target. He does not fail to put it in the right place. If his intentions toward another male dog were sexual, it would be done. Note that his aim, when riding up from behind the other dog, is OVER the tail and back, not under the tail.

No, that is NOT sexual! Riding up on another dog's back raises the first dog above him. It's a reminder that, "Hey, you're not the boss here!"

When the dog mounts another one's head, he is going to one of the most extreme displays of dominance in the dog world. The head is the highest part of the dog. Bringing the head down brings the dog down from his highest point. It's all about who is higher than whom.

When a dog unsheaths his penis and releases liquid, that forces the dog who is leaked on to wear the scent of the dominant one. It's a very potent scent and stays for some time, making the low rank obvious for many miles - and even to other packs within scent range.

So remember, there are no such things as "gay dogs."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Come - No Come

It sure makes you wonder when Taz comes to you perfectly fine indoors - but the minute you are outside, he runs the other way doing his own thing.

You've tried treats. You've tried toys. You have tried every form of bribery. Constantly you guard the door and yell: "Don't let the dog out!"

Here is something that makes all the difference.

Get a training lead which is several feet long. Discretely step on part of it until Taz calms down. Speaking with authority (not yelling) say, "Come here" or your word of choice. If he does not do it immediately, pull him to you. Without the physical reinforcement, the word means nothing.

It won't take very long before you begin to see some improvement in Taz' behavior.

Now remember, Taz, "come" means "come!"


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All By My Lonesome - Separation Anxiety Howling

Sometimes you really feel sorry for Major when you leave him while you run errands. But is it really Major you should pity, or is it your neighbor's ears? Let's be honest. Don't you wish you could push a MUTE button on howling?

O.K., guys, I'll be serious. Howling due to separation anxiety is one of the most annoying problems to break. The overwhelming howling truly does put you on edge. Here's a solution.

Get a CRATE - no bigger than Major needs for turning around. The SMALLER the space, the more relaxed he will be.

First, exercise Major... I mean, tongue dangling FLOP! A walk to the mailbox does not count.

Second, take Major by the scruff of the neck and pull him into the crate. That is how the mother dog does it. It's like saying "We're going somewhere," not asking.

Shut the crate's door, but don't lock it for 2 minutes. Correct Major if he makes the slightest whine. Then lock the door for 5 minutes.

Practice this for several days.

Next, put Major in the crate, lock it, then walk outside. Correct him immediately if he starts crying or howling.

Good luck, and be rid of your ear plugs!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doggie in the Door

Who hasn't seen the dog who firmly plants his rear end on the ground and has to be physically dragged out the door?

Fearful dogs are harder to rehabilitate than aggressive dogs. Here is something that helps to get your fearful dog out the door when he is scared to go on a walk.

The training device you customarily use on him now holds bad memories for him. If your dog is afraid to walk out when you put his choke chain on, use a haltie. Just use a different training device, period, and walk out saying nonchalantly: "Let's go" ... not "Come on, Sweetie."

If you just do it, instead of trying to baby him, you will have results.

Let's go!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What a Difference!

I have a client with whom I am currently working who has a very excitable, little Terrier - and I DO mean the dog goes BONKERS when she sees people!

I got the dog to lie down with no leash in 10 minutes. Amazed, the owner did not know what to think, nor did her guests who came a few minutes later! Admiringly, they all wanted to know what had happened to her.

"You have to stay with it," I said, "until she gives you exactly what you want."

Just remember: Persistence and consistence go hand-in-hand, and BOTH are required to bring out a good dog.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Walking Spot and Rover

It sure is nice to take two dogs out at once on the same walk, instead of one at a time. Nice when both are stable and balanced -- but surely not fun to be pulled in two directions. I often walk two dogs. I have even walked three simultaneously a few times.

A lot of trainers say it's a good idea to have both dogs walk on the left. My response is this: Left heel and right heel are both taught in many dog obedience classes. You never know what kind of situation you may encounter.

Your dog needs to be trained to change sides if any emergency comes. Keep one on a left heel and one on a right heel, and switch sides at a different point on the walk each time. This avoids confusion and makes the walk with Spot and Rover lots more fun.

Have a good walk!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Dog Whisperer

I cannot say what I think of Cesar Milan personally, because I have not even met the man. But people are often asking: "What do you think of this guy? Do his techniques work?"

Let's put it this way: Most of those techniques are great, and the results incredible. I have used most of them actually throughout my life. I enjoy watching Cesar's show, and we can all learn from each other.

On occasion I have disagreed, however. For example: Contrary to Cesar's claim, I have seen a few times in which I do not believe the animal can truly be rehabilitated. I disagree with some of his statements such as: "Every dog is born psychologically balanced." The truth is that every dog is born with a desire to be a certain position in the pack, a desire that humans don't create. It concerns me when I meet any trainer who says that it's always the human at fault.

Also, I do not like that such techniques are exposed to the uneducated public. Cesar is not responsible for the foolish actions of another any more than Steve Irwin would be for a Steve-Irwin-wanna-be. The problem is, though, that amateurs can and frequently do misapply good techniques only to achieve the exact opposite result. Sometimes it can be tragic.

Overall though, Cesar Milan is one of my favorite trainers, and I respect his knowledge. For all of you out there interested in Cesar's work, meet with professionals on his level -- because there are MANY who know his techniques. Dog whispering and dog psychology have been around much longer than any of us has. Like horse whispering, it's nothing new.

The visibility and popularity of the Dog Whisper Technique are what's new. I do thank Cesar for this and say: "THANK YOU, SIR. DOGS ARE NOT HUMAN, AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS DOGS!"

Keep this in mind and give us your comments.