Every Dog Owner has their Day… Today is yours!

Secrets for Training a Dog to be a Loving, Attentive and Loyal Pet!

Every Dog Owner has their Day… Today is yours!

Obedience Dog Training and Dog Behavior Modification
Expert helps you get into Your Dog's Mind and
Dog Whisper to Solve Dog Behavior Problems Once and for All!

Our dogs are such a source of love and affection. You, I, and every dog lover knows well the parental relationship forged between dog owner and pet. But as much as you love your dog... you know he is only a few minutes away from messing up....

Make no mistake about it. Your Domestic Pooch is closer to being Wild than you think! He operates through dog instinctive behavior, and he's looking to you to be his "Pack Leader."

Still having some problems after dog obedience school? Understandably, because dog obedience training will not work on a psychological or behavioral problem. You will just end up with a dog who sits, stays, fetches, comes ... and is still jumping, digging, biting, barking bonkers!

What can you do? To appreciate your dog fully, correct problem dog behavior, and ensure a devoted, well trained animal, you have to speak his language!

This Dog Behavior Modification Expert can! So you've come to the right place. Through her wealth of knowledge and years of experience blending the best of the Dog Whisper Behavior Technique and other dog training methods, DogWhisperWoman Rena Murray will show you how to get into the mind of your favorite pooch and get results - without resorting to harsh measures, squirting, clicking, or yelling.

That's what this site is all about - helping you understand, communicate with, train, control, and enjoy your dog to the fullest.

We are here to serve all your dog-related needs, either with direct expert assistance or as a trusted referral source, product provider, and source of vital information. So bookmark this site and come back often.

Rena's FREE Paw Persuasion Pointers Newsletter is the most essential link to our communication. So make sure you get your subscription started right away! It's timely information you want and can use NOW, and it's through a secure provider. We hate spam and will only communicate with valid information to make your life better with your best furry friend.

Face it. You are not alone. Almost everyone needs help of some kind with their pet. And usually a few simple things will make all the difference in your life. Stop pulling your hair out, living in an "armed camp," or putting up with paw prints on furniture and clothes.

With Rena, you, too, can turn Wild Willy, Jumping Jack, Digging Dan, and Pouncing Pup into Mighty Mellow Manfred! See what others say about how Rena restored their dogs and their lives!

So get the Dog Training and Dog Behavior Modification help you need NOW with a Coaching Session or Telephone Consultation with Rena - and don't miss another issue of Paw Persuasion Pointers!

Today is YOUR day to get the most out of your Pet, and avoid another Dog Day Afternoon!

With Rena Murray's Best Ezines Newsletter,
you'll learn…

  • Insights into your Dog's Thought Process and the Most Effective Approaches to your Dog Training and Dog Behavior Modification!
  • How to become the "Leader of the Pack" and get the full respect and attention of your dog!
  • Discerning Fact from Fiction- everything you ever wanted to know about your pet and things you never thought of asking!
  • How to find the Perfect Balance of affection, consideration, consistency, and control!
  • How to handle an Unpredictable Dog, and safety tips for Children who come in contact with potentially Dangerous Dogs!
  • How to select the Perfect Dog for You - Guidance in choosing the Best Dog Breed, personality and age!
  • How to cure a "Problem Dog" who is guilty of annoying habits, Territory Marking, or Destructive Dog tendencies!
  • The Fast, Effective ways to Ensure a satisfying and fulfilling relationship with your dog!
  • How to turn an Aggressive Dog into a docile and friendly family pet!
  • The Definitive Approach for "Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks!"
  • How to turn a Fearful dog or Abused dog into a loving and proper companion!
  • How to eradicate Obsessive Compulsive Dog Behavior, chasing tail, digging dog, dog whining, and excessive dog barking!
  • Tips on Bringing New Puppy Home, crate training a puppy, puppy house training, and introducing Children and Dogs!
  • How to Debunk Myths about popular dog training techniques, and to know which of the many is best for your specific problem dog behavior.
  • How to understand the root causes and many unwanted manifestations of dog instinctive behavior, and nip dog behavior problems in the bud.
  • How to recognize manipulative Dog Dominance Behavior, end Aggression Dog Dominance, and create right relationships with your pet and in your home.
  • How to read dog body language, use the Dog Whisper Communication System correctly . . . and So Much More!!

Remember, a Trained Dog with the Security of a
of a confident and consistent Leader of the Pack
is a Happy Dog...
and "Happy Dog" makes "Happy Dog Owner!"

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What are you waiting for?

Training a dog or training a puppy can be fun and rewarding. Find out how!

Dog Behavior Modification of your pet's worst habits is possible. Make it happen now!

Obedience Dog Training with Focus and Control can be yours. Get Help and get Results now!

Every Dog Owner Has Their Day ... This Is Yours!

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Submit Your Name and Email and receive Rena's
Dog Training & Dog Behavior


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Privacy Promise - We will never rent, sell, or share your personal information.

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